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Could Casey Anthony’s Book Help Change What You Think Of Her?

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The other day, we posted a piece called “If Casey Anthony Writes A Book, Will You Read It?” To say it got a lot of you talking would be an understatement. The post generated more than 200 comments, a host of very passionate responses, and one very predictable underlying theme: Complete and utter hatred for Casey Anthony.

We can’t say we’re super surprised by that. Anthony is one of the most vilified people in America right now. So while some of you took the time to try to explain why you’d never read a book about Casey Anthony—”Why bother?” wrote commenter BoredSilly. “Can’t believe a word of it anyway”—the vast majority of the commenters on the post simply took Anthony to task for being a bad mother, a bad daughter, and, worst of all, a bad person.

We hear all of your comments loud and clear, and we’re glad the post ignited such a large discussion about the bigger picture here: That Anthony is trying to secure a book deal and profit off her recent trial and, to a greater extent, the tragic death of her daughter. But we also want to play devil’s advocate for a second here and say that by releasing a book, Anthony may be able to change the way you think about her. How? We put together a list of a five different ways that Casey Anthony’s book might change the way you think about her. If you’ve got an open mind, reading the book she’s reportedly working in might not be the worst thing in the world.

1. It will give Casey Anthony a chance to explain exactly what happened to her daughter Caylee once and for all.

I can hear what most of you are going to say already: “Who cares? It’s not like she’s going to tell the truth anyway.” And it’s a fair point. Casey Anthony’s credibility is pretty much shot at this point in her life. At the same time, one of the most troubling parts of her case is that there are still so many questions left unanswered as a result of her being found not guilty and it’d be nice to get answers to them. Do we have to believe ever word? No. But, at the very least, we’ll get  a chance to listen to what she has to say and then decide whether we want to believe her or not.

2. It will give her the opportunity to talk more about her upbringing, her parents, and all of the things that have made her the person she is today.

At this point, no one wants to hear Casey Anthony’s sob story. But, there is something to her coming out and writing about her life to help put it into perspective. We’ve heard all about her life from the Nancy Graces of the world, but we haven’t heard about her life in her words. It’s probably not going to make you feel any differently about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death, but it will present her life in a way that’ll help break down how she got to where she is today.

3. It will allow her to offer up an apology…for something.

We’re not expecting Casey Anthony to follow O.J. Simpson‘s lead and pen If I Did It 2. But she owes a bunch of people apologies, including her parents, the nanny who she accused of having something to do with the murder of Caylee, and, most importantly, Caylee herself. If nothing else, she put her daughter in some sort of precarious situation before her death—and she deserves an apology as a result of it. The worst thing she could do is write a book and place blame on others for her shortcomings. So we’d like to see her show some sort of grief and sorrow for some of the things she’s done over the course of the last few years.

4. It will give her a chance to get back into our good graces by doing something with the book profits other than just collecting a paycheck.

Know what would be a real crime? If Casey Anthony writes a book and doesn’t donate a dime of it to a good cause. It’d be a little bit suspect for her to donate to any causes involving child abuse (though, for the record, that’s no reason for her to discount that option) but at the very least, she should donate a portion of her funds to a school system in Caylee’s name or to another cause in the name of Caylee. If she’s going to profit off her situation, it’s really the least she can do—and it’d go a long to helping her change the way she’s perceived in the world right now.

5. It will put a period on the end of her story.

The best thing for Casey Anthony to do right now might be to disappear. But she’s probably going to write a book, do the interview circuit, and stay in the limelight to capitalize off of it. That won’t disappear immediately after she finishes her book, but her book will mark the beginning of the end for Anthony’s 15 minutes of fame. In time, we’re sure that some of the people who despise her right now will forget about her. But that won’t happen until she finally steps away and moves on with her life. Which is reason enough for everyone to want her to get this book over with and move on.

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