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Could Casey Anthony’s Book Help Change What You Think Of Her?

Submitted by on July 26, 2011 – 8:50 am85 Comments

The other day, we posted a piece called “If Casey Anthony Writes A Book, Will You Read It?” To say it got a lot of you talking would be an understatement. The post generated more than 200 comments, a host of very passionate responses, and one very predictable underlying theme: Complete and utter hatred for Casey Anthony.

We can’t say we’re super surprised by that. Anthony is one of the most vilified people in America right now. So while some of you took the time to try to explain why you’d never read a book about Casey Anthony—”Why bother?” wrote commenter BoredSilly. “Can’t believe a word of it anyway”—the vast majority of the commenters on the post simply took Anthony to task for being a bad mother, a bad daughter, and, worst of all, a bad person.

We hear all of your comments loud and clear, and we’re glad the post ignited such a large discussion about the bigger picture here: That Anthony is trying to secure a book deal and profit off her recent trial and, to a greater extent, the tragic death of her daughter. But we also want to play devil’s advocate for a second here and say that by releasing a book, Anthony may be able to change the way you think about her. How? We put together a list of a five different ways that Casey Anthony’s book might change the way you think about her. If you’ve got an open mind, reading the book she’s reportedly working in might not be the worst thing in the world.

1. It will give Casey Anthony a chance to explain exactly what happened to her daughter Caylee once and for all.

I can hear what most of you are going to say already: “Who cares? It’s not like she’s going to tell the truth anyway.” And it’s a fair point. Casey Anthony’s credibility is pretty much shot at this point in her life. At the same time, one of the most troubling parts of her case is that there are still so many questions left unanswered as a result of her being found not guilty and it’d be nice to get answers to them. Do we have to believe ever word? No. But, at the very least, we’ll get  a chance to listen to what she has to say and then decide whether we want to believe her or not.

2. It will give her the opportunity to talk more about her upbringing, her parents, and all of the things that have made her the person she is today.

At this point, no one wants to hear Casey Anthony’s sob story. But, there is something to her coming out and writing about her life to help put it into perspective. We’ve heard all about her life from the Nancy Graces of the world, but we haven’t heard about her life in her words. It’s probably not going to make you feel any differently about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death, but it will present her life in a way that’ll help break down how she got to where she is today.

3. It will allow her to offer up an apology…for something.

We’re not expecting Casey Anthony to follow O.J. Simpson‘s lead and pen If I Did It 2. But she owes a bunch of people apologies, including her parents, the nanny who she accused of having something to do with the murder of Caylee, and, most importantly, Caylee herself. If nothing else, she put her daughter in some sort of precarious situation before her death—and she deserves an apology as a result of it. The worst thing she could do is write a book and place blame on others for her shortcomings. So we’d like to see her show some sort of grief and sorrow for some of the things she’s done over the course of the last few years.

4. It will give her a chance to get back into our good graces by doing something with the book profits other than just collecting a paycheck.

Know what would be a real crime? If Casey Anthony writes a book and doesn’t donate a dime of it to a good cause. It’d be a little bit suspect for her to donate to any causes involving child abuse (though, for the record, that’s no reason for her to discount that option) but at the very least, she should donate a portion of her funds to a school system in Caylee’s name or to another cause in the name of Caylee. If she’s going to profit off her situation, it’s really the least she can do—and it’d go a long to helping her change the way she’s perceived in the world right now.

5. It will put a period on the end of her story.

The best thing for Casey Anthony to do right now might be to disappear. But she’s probably going to write a book, do the interview circuit, and stay in the limelight to capitalize off of it. That won’t disappear immediately after she finishes her book, but her book will mark the beginning of the end for Anthony’s 15 minutes of fame. In time, we’re sure that some of the people who despise her right now will forget about her. But that won’t happen until she finally steps away and moves on with her life. Which is reason enough for everyone to want her to get this book over with and move on.

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  • Innocent bystander says:

    In fact as a sign of my total unsupport of her getting ANY kind of media attention, I will never utter her name again! From now on she shall be “she who shall not be named.” I urge others to do the same.

  • jon says:

    Well, I don’t Casey Anthony – and NEITHER does anyone else on this post. So funny how the MEDIA has created so many hateful poeople. What a bunch of SAPS.

    Sure, I’d read buy/read her book. I’d rather read a book than get poisoned by the media like some ill-fated lab rat.

    What a joke this whole thing has been made into by the media. I hope she gets rich from it. The real crime here is the MEDIA, don’t kid yourselves.

    Every day there are hundreds of murders/manslaughter cases. Each one EQUAL in wieght. WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL. Why this case is so important to certain folks is beyond any reason.

    So, yeah, I’d buy her book.

  • jon says:

    Well, I don’t know Casey Anthony – and NEITHER does anyone else on this post. So funny how the MEDIA has created so many hateful poeople. What a bunch of SAPS.

    Sure, I’d read buy/read her book. I’d rather read a book than get poisoned by the media like some ill-fated lab rat.

    What a joke this whole thing has been made into by the media. I hope she gets rich from it. The real crime here is the MEDIA, don’t kid yourselves.

    Every day there are hundreds of murders/manslaughter cases. Each one EQUAL in weight. WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL. Why this case is so important to certain folks is beyond any reason.

    So, yeah, I’d buy her book.

  • Whitney says:

    I would never read a book by Casey Anthony, members of her defense team, or by any member of the Anthony family.

    Everything you need to know about the murder of Caylee Anthony is right there, already in the public record.

    Sites like http://www.thehinkymeter.com have FAR more of the evidence than what prosecutors presented at trial, such as the detailed record of Casey’s cell phone pings (and how they pinpoint where she was during those 31 days), and the FBI’s image of the stain of Caylee’s decomposing body on the car trunk liner.

    Casey another committed murder, and if you think she’s a rotten human being, well… she sure didn’t fall far from the tree. There’s also extensive public record that shows how Cindy Anthony lied, commited perjuied, sought to intimidate volunteer who were searching for Caylee’s body, and destroyed evidence. The whole gorram family is disgusting, and it’s a travesty how they are profiting from the death of an innocent child.

  • Yours truly says:

    Not interested. No blood money for the Anthonys or their cohorts.

    And Jon? The real crime is the media? Listen you asswipe, there’s a dead child in the center ring of this circus, or have you forgotten about her? You ‘men’ who would give your left nut to be with her, yet don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell because you sit in your mother’s basement all day eating cheetos and playing world of warcraft. It’s time you dickheads took life a little more seriously, stopped looking at her picture and get your hands out of your pants. No need to thank me for pointing out your rampant obvious stupidity. Try watching something besides cartoons.

  • Yours truly says:

    Yeah, in moderation. Moderate the truth right out of it, just like the Anthonys. Why bother having a site if you can’t speak your mind?

  • The Truth says:

    I think the best thing that could ever happen is that she just disappears into a country where there is no T.V. and no media to exploit her. A third world country where she can she can can do charity work to the end of time plus a hundred years. May be the “DEVIL” will see just a tad of good in her and turn her loose to be saved.

  • The Truth says:

    I think the best thing that could ever happen is that she just disappears into a country where there is no T.V. and no media to exploit her. A third world country where she can she can can do charity work to the end of time plus a hundred years. May be the “DEVIL” will see just a tad of good in her and turn her loose to be saved.
    May GOD find and rescue her soul ……………..

  • Kathleen McKenna says:

    I enjoyed your article, and having a front row seat in the hypocrites circle did not lessen my appreciation of it. I wrote a book on the case, and I worked hard to convince myself, fourth amendment, publics right to know, I wasnt glorifying her, blah, blah, blah. I was in fact planning to profit off the murder of a child. Moreover I was doing my part to extend Casey Anthonys fifteen minutes of fame. I started to find the sound of my own justifications nauseating and in the end I killed the book and destroyed all traces of it from my laptop lest I be tempted in the future to take up once again that disgusting project.

    Sure we all have a right to express ourselves and writers should write what they want-to a point. I’d crossed it and I found my own manuscript as endearing as I find those loons from that crazy church who picket funerals. Sometimes the best of free speech means just shutting up.

    Again great article.

    Kathleen McKenna

  • CJ says:

    No way would I read it and Jon your an idiot…Period!

  • Jennifer Jones says:

    Kathleen, bravo for searching your soul and having the integrity and moral character to stop your project. I have a renewed hope in the media. I wish that others would follow your lead. I promise you, I will buy your books. However, I cannot purchase them though my usual Amazon and B & N as I am boycotting them. So I will order them through a small local bookseller. Again, I applaud your bravery in discussing your decision. It is so easy to convince ourselves about our efforts in the name of the fourth amendment, but just because we can do something, does not mean we should. I will follow your next project!

  • joe dionizio says:

    i wouldnt be interested in reading casey anthony story or any story from any of the defense team legal system bottom line is they found a dead girl no funeral stories over stories lies over lies sounds like jury couldnt stop thinking of there 6 figures paychecks and one of the jurours couldnt miss out on vacatation to england casey didnt even take the stand maybe she was advised by baez why would anybody want to hear now abc made it nationwide should of kept the case in orlando too much money involved over a story freedom of speech now more money offers for what nothing really gained theres still a dead girl and the accidental death sounds like chlorafoam but the way the ductape was put on one over mouth one over nose then one across the two and how to make chloarfoam wasnt accidental then blockbuster video of casey and her boytoy seen that night 6 16 08 with no caylee and the conversatation on e mail should i bring snotface gave me no sympathy for casey anthony

  • LL says:

    Ya know,
    we as the Media have the right NOT to want to read,support anything this girl has to say. NO ONE but her 300 sick supporters will buy it.She is not a celebrity before or now, she was not wronged by the prosecution, where she ended up, she put herself there.And IMO got away with murder, with lies,manipulation and a crooked attorney who himself may have bar issues pretty soon.

    What educated person would ever buy her book full of lies? Not me, and I can speak for many Americans, NOT them either. So write it Casey, it will tank! No one wants to hear from a baby killer that got away.

  • Jennifer Jones says:

    Oh, i meant to also state that your article was excellent, but I will never read anything this woman writes, nor fund in any way her new life. I am not intereted in her. I want to put an end to child abuse, murder and exploitation. As far as I am concerned, there is only one reason why a mother would not report her child missing and spend a month following partying and sexing it up. Has our society really stooped so low as to make a ‘celebrity’ out of a person like this? No, I do not like it, SamIAm.

  • Barbara Eriksen says:

    I don’t ever want to see her publish a book. We have heard all about her on the internet and 7 weeks of her trial. I will never believe that she is not GUILTY. She is a liar. Her whole family and her lawyers also said that she is a lying slut. Why would the public buy a book that she wrote? No thanks. Not even if you gave it away for free. She needs to go crawl under that rock that she came from.

  • Joan says:

    I would never waste my time reading a bunch of lies. She should be in prison and she is lucky to be out. Now she doesn’t even want to do the probation she is supposed to do. Her whole family lies and so what they have to say is going to be one BIG lie.

  • Krista Stone says:

    I have no need to hear ANYTHING that “AMERICA’S MOST HATED INDIVIDUAL” has to say. To me, EVEN considering writing anything connected with little Caylee is nothing more than a “vamprire-ish” symbolism of sucking blood from her deceased daughter. All you have to do is watch her evil mother, Caylee’s grandmother to see what “evilness” was passed from Mother to daughter! I wouldn’t even TOUCH a book written by or either of them, nor would I even read anything written by anyone about them. I will have NO PART in providing them with their “goulish” profiting from little Caylee’s death. (period)

  • Wanda Duve says:

    First it looks to me like someone is trying to find an angle to get people to buy a book written by Casey Anthony. That being said I will answer your question.
    1. It will give Casey a chance to expain what she wants us to believe happened to Caylee once and for all. She has already said that Caylee drowned. (do you really think she is going to change her story and tell us she killed her daughter)
    2. Her upbringing is no excuse for what she did as a mother. If her life was that horrible then she should have got a job and supported her daughter. Instead she chose to use her parents. Sexual abuse….. what ever she wants to claim is NOT an excuse to kill, or allow your child to be thrown away like garbage.
    3. An apology for something. This from the girl who blames everyone else for what she does. (ahh… blame the parents for what she did – you know the whole upbringing crap). Apologize that she was not able to win us all over. She does not know what an apology is.
    4.You have got to be kidding. She is going to do something other than keep the money for herself. Yeah right, what turnip truck did you fall off of. She has no skills (worth bragging about). And even if every single penny went to a foundation I would not buy a book that she writes. It would just make my blood boil all over again. I can finally think somewhat straight now, I don’t need to turn back into a zombie because of her story.
    5. A period at the end of her story. No you don’t get it. There is no period at the end of her story, not while she is still walking around free. Sounds to me like you are looking at this from HER side of the story. From my side of the story. She needs to just disappear, not continue to feed the misery she has created. The legal story has it’s period. Killer gets a not guilty verdict, BUT she will never live free like the majority of the population, she will look over her shoulder the rest of her life PERIOD.
    So, would not matter if she writes a book, won’t read it. Don’t need to hear from her, don’t desire to hear anything. Have heard it all. Caseys favorite word is “me”

  • karen scharps says:

    All 5 points-no, because she’d lie. The period at the end of this story comes when
    she is buried in stinking swamp, bones eaten by dogs, and has no one looking for her body.
    Jon-funny you should mention rat-is that your personality or were you describing your face.

  • Laura Hayes says:

    I have absolutely NO desire to read any book written by Casey Anthony. However, I do think the diary comments she wrote before Caylee’s murder were most chilling, to say the very least. I will always believe that she planned Caylee’s murder. Accidental drowning victims do NOT end up duct taped, stuffed into garbage bags, and thrown away like trash! To use one of Casey’s favorite expressions, she lied from the “get go” when questioned about Caylee’s “disappearance”. This monster has never shown any sorrow or concern over Caylee’s death. No one in their right mind would by anything written by this psycho. Furthermore, I have NO intention of helping a child killer profit from the brutal murder of her child. Those who choose to do so will have blood on their hands. Caylee’s blood. I would NEVER ignore what I believe in, or abandon my morals for the sake of curiousity. You could NOT pay me to read her book! In fact, there isn’t enough money in the world that would ever make me want to read her book! ~

  • THERESA says:

    OK LETS LOOK AT IT LIKE THIS THE ANOTHANYS KNOW WHAT HAPPEN. When have we ever heard or a child killer or a serial killer leaving a sticker on the victim, a heart sticker? HELLO her family wanted this to come back to her.No I am not interested in anything she has to say I will boycott anyone who attempts to make money off baby caylee. It makes me sick how desperate people are that they have to exploit a dead child. What are you people thinking? Trust this if you believe in God he has his hand on this one. There are over 50.000 people who want this case re tried. There is nothing good for you from this case you may loose more then you think. Its not worth the paper you print it on JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE IS GROWING EVERY DAY. Do yourself a favor walk away from this ,

  • Becca Shed says:

    I will not read any book by any of them, you can not change my mind or the minds of many others, you did make a good attempt in trying to brainwash us into believing why we would want to read one but I am not buying the book or your reasoning.

  • Rebecca says:

    have mercy, this is like conditioning the public to want to hear what she has to say, here is a responce to your 5 reasons…..
    1. HELLO!! She is a documented liar! Not like it is her word against someone elses here, and we cant be for sure, it is on viedo!! LOL
    2. That is what a therapist is for! though in this case I hope she is able to reach out and touch a team of therapists and psychytrists! Seriously…. writing a book for her all like woooo hooo look at me YAY me! oh yeah I let my daughter rot in the woods, but that is ok I have a book, WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?! (if she killed her or not through her lawyer she knew her precious flesh and blood was decaying, while she was bella vita’ing it all the way!!
    3. She totally threw her family under the bus…. when it was an accident?! ok, I did graduate, and never finished college, so it is safe to say I have common sense… panic, ok yeah people do stupid things, but through the lies, and everyone but the neighborhood dog, and the neighborhood icecream man was tossed under the bus because of an accident, c’mon!! seriously, why make an accident look like murder?!?!? and as for the implication that her father was involved in hiding the body, bull! I have cops in my family and he would have had a better cover up if he was in a coma! & OH YEAH SHE IS A LIAR!!
    4. everyone would not have to be told sorry, if she ummmm guess what?! TOLD THE TRUTH in the beginnig! as the one Judge said, the truth and casey do not know one another!
    5. let her do a book so this can all be over?!?!?! this should have never ever started, this should have been admitted in the police station IF if was an accident, I hardly doubt that for real though.
    HMMMMMMMM what is next…. let her start a daycare, so she can support her self and move on fully!?!?! seriously unreal! If I was about to freeze… I would not burn her book for heat!
    This case fires me up for real, casey is just like my mother, and to be honest if I could have aborted my self in the womb, I would have! All she needs to do now is reach out to a hosptial and get some intence therapy!! for real therapy, her therapist might wanna get a lie detector too! Just sayin!!

  • THERESA says:

    Well if shes not guilty what story is she telling. I call bullshit. Don’t wast your time or money. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE NO PAYDAY FOR CASEY.
    Not buying the book no interest in her story.

  • Barbara says:

    are you kidding me? Oh wait a famous Casey quote! So who is going to publish and write it? Greedy a%^holes! If they think writing a book about this murderer is okay and taking care of her lawyer then you belong in hell with Casey Anthony! It is sickening, disgusting to make one cent off of an innocent baby who thought was safe with that whore! Oh that is what Baez said in his opening statement. She doesn’t want to work, she just wants money handed to her. Whoever does this book are as bad as she is. I would waste my money on it. Waiting for the day she reports for her probation, maybe the stardom she thinks she has will finally get through her stupid thick skull! Find the hole to hell Casey! Jump into it

  • Cat Christensen says:

    I have no interest,nor will I support any book deal or “tell all” story told by the liar and baby killer, Casey Anthony!!! Do you think the 94 percent of the people who dislike her and believe in all the evidence over the past three years are going to buy into her new and approved “story?” I’m sorry, but I already know her story, Jose Baez already spoke the “tell all” in open court, during opening statements defending Casey “baby killer” Anthony. I don’t care to hear or read anymore of her lies…………….period…………end of story.

  • Neal S. says:

    DRUGS AND ALCOHOL got her to this point in her life.

  • yvonne starr says:

    I think we had three years of her story,and not a word coming out of that sociopath mouth could be credible!!! So i am sure she would have her defense team buying the book for their own ego purpose!!! but that want be something i would read and i understand that no one will read anything that the Anthony’s write… Casey only see $$$$ in her eyes no remorse for the thing she did!!! if she came out and spoke about her daughter with some kind of remorse and show that she did love her daughter but that was not one word from her!!! Saying i am not guilty
    of murdering my child than she might had a chance to write a book. A
    Book Agent will not go there!!!! Something happen that day and she no what it was!!but can we believe a word even if it was the truth!!!

  • daryl says:

    Could casey’s book change what i think of her?when hell feezes over.

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  • Geslina says:

    Put your money where your mouth is, people. Don’t want to see this murderer profit off her dead child? Don’t only not buy her book, boycott the publisher of the book as well, and all those connected to putting the book on the market. We have POWER as consumers. Use that power!!!!

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