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Tea Party Rhetoric: Do They Support Slavery & Lynching?

Submitted by on September 2, 2011 – 9:07 am6 Comments

Rep. Andre Carson, a black Democrat from Indiana, is being criticized for saying that some in the Tea Party movement support lynching. In the absence of Tea Party members agreeing with him, I think Carson should back down from this one because the Tea Party will inevitably say something even worse any day now.

Washington politics have descended into an eternal game of “Gotcha!”, with each side trying to twist every statement from its opponent into a scandal. When liberals such as Carson stretch at all to accuse the Tea Party, I wonder, “Why bother? It can’t be worse than what they actually admit to.”

Carson was at an event in Miami as part of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Job Tour. This contains some audio of his speech that day, along with similar speeches from several other prominent black politicians:

“This is the effort that we’re seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree.”

Carson has defended his statement, though he seems to suggest that he used lynching as a metaphor, not literally, for the state of the underserved. “The Tea Party is protecting its millionaire and oil company friends while gutting critical services that they know protect the livelihood of African-Americans, as well as Latinos and other disadvantaged minorities,” said a spokesperson for the congressman.

Similarly, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. awkwardly tried to connect Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry to slavery through Perry’s support of the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution, which gives to the states all powers not explicitly given to the federal government. As Jackson points out, it was included in the Constitution largely to satisfy the slave-holding states, and it continued to be their main argument against the federal government for decades. But Perry supports states’ rights because of gun laws, taxation, and marriage, having nothing to do with slavery.

I’m not saying either Carson or Jackson are entirely wrong, but why distort the facts at all? If you want to connect Rick Perry to the confederacy in the Civil War, you can just point out that he wanted Texas to secede from the Union. If you want to show that the Tea Party supports a return to Jim Crow values, just remind everyone that Rep. Michelle Bachmann signed a marriage pledge saying black families were better off during slavery. She signed that; it’s indisputable.

To be fair, conservatives must feel the same way about liberals. After watching the video of Rep. Carson and the others several times, I thought it was a compilation of compelling (if emotional) arguments against poverty and racism. Then I realized it had been posted as criticism by Glenn Beck’s Web site, The Blaze. (Of course, I should have realized the real source from all the spelling errors in the video. What’s a “jor fair” anyway?)

To Beck and his supporters, these men and women passionately stating their beliefs is the best criticism. Maybe its time to turn the strategy around, and let the Tea Party talk for itself.

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  • me says:

    Man people are retarded. Its not about slavery or racism. Its about stats and the fact is there is less Africans with two parents than there were during slavery. Its just pointing out that yeah things were bad then, but sum very important thing for the our communities are much worse now than then.

    I don’t think its about black or right its about living right and if we don’t live right we curse ourselves and our off spring. I don’t think any of these people mentioned are racist or think positively about slavery. Our would is a mess and “love is the answer”. Black or White is a mind state we are all just measly mortal humans and need to not see color. Its more about education and at the end of the day its up to the parents to set a example and most don’t set a good one.

    L.I.T. A.

  • Jaime says:

    Oh, if only these black democrats were not so blind to history and truth. The democrats want to keep the black community enslaved in jails and on welfare, dependent on the white man for government handouts. Every lynching of blacks was carried out by staunch democrats. Republicans treat blacks as equals not in need of affirmative actions of government help to make it in the world. The democrats control the black community by keeping the blinded by hate. “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson

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  • Candie says:

    @Jamie: Do you really know what you’re talking about honey. When have the Republicans tried to help the black community out. Lets be serious how many programs did Bush create to help the black community get off of government assistance. I hate to say it but Carson is right, the Tea Party is full of KKK that’s ready, waiting, and willing to create a system where black people fail. I get so tired of people claiming blacks and whites are equal in the USA because its not true. There is still some type of discrimination towards the black community and if you aren’t black then you will never know that discrimination. Every time I turn around there’s negative comments directed towards black people, as if white people does no wrong. Open up your eyes and see the real honey, because if you think for a second black people are treated equally in this country then you’re as stupid as stupid gets. Carson said what others didn’t have the balls to say and if I was him I wouldn’t apologize because its TRUE!!!!

  • bob says:

    tell that old negro to shut the hell up

  • Scott says:

    You asked that those in the Tea Party movement speak for themselves, so I will.

    My first point would be that no politician speaks for the Tea Party movement. Anyone who claims that mantle is simply attempting to hijack the movement.

    The TPM supports a smaller, less intrusive, constitutional limited government. Politicians, Democrat or Republican, black, white, brown or green, who support those principles will have the support of the Tea Party movement. Most members of the TPM also believe in individual freedom, which means individual responsibility.

    I personally don’t want anything from the government, except what is required under the constitution. I don’t want food stamps, welfare, Section 8 housing, government loans, energy assistance or a government provided cell phone. If I can’t get those things on my own, I will do without them.

    I certainly understand that there are those on the fringes of society who might need a little help now and then and I do support minimum safety nets for those folks. However, If they can, they should be required to work for those benefits. if they can watch a child, they can help others with day care, or perhaps help the elderly by working in a rest home. If we make these kinds of reforms to entitlements, we will quickly find out who is gaming the system and who is not.

    Social Security and Medicare should be individualized and we should be allowed to create our own personal accounts for retirement and medical care. The way it works now is a huge ripoff. We pay into a system out entire lives, hoping that we live long enough for the government to toss us a few hundred dollars in the last years of our live so we don’t starve to death. If we have been able to keep all of that money we paid in over our lifetime, we would have plenty of money in our later years. If we pass away before we have a chance to use the money, those funds would go to our family, instead of being stolen by the government.

    Government “largesse” is THE big scam that is bankrupting our country and keeping our citizens in a perpetual state of dependency. This fact is the driving force behind the Tea Party movement. One can disagree with the principles and ideology of the Tea Party Movement, but to suggest that we are racists, KKK members or hate blacks is patently absurd. That kind of race baiting and hate filled rhetoric is exposed by politicians who seek to retain their own power by maintaining the status quo of dependency on government.

    The Tea Party movement grew out of dissatisfaction with the the GOP and the TARP bailout. Contrary to what is usually reported in the lamestream media, the rise of the Tea Party movement had nothing to do with Obama. I know because I was at the first Tea Party rallies, were the audience booed and turned their back on those in the GOP who were responsible for the TARP bailouts.

    Obama wants to raise taxes and I might support him on that, but only if the money would actually be used to pay down the national debt. However, we all know that any new revenue would just be used to grow government at a faster pace. That’s the real truth and that’s the real reason the TPM doesn’t support big government progressive from either political party.

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