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Why Has Tanya Williams Been Missing From The Last Few Episodes Of Basketball Wives?

Submitted by on September 20, 2011 – 10:08 am8 Comments

After getting major flak from her castmates and many viewers when she didn’t budge to help break up a fight between Malaysia Pargo and Laura Govan during the first episode of Basketball Wives: LA,Tanya Williams was noticeably absent from the last few episodes of the show. Reportedly, Tanya, who’s the estranged wife of former NBA baller Jayson Williams, is okay with that since the last few episodes have involved activities and behaviors that she doesn’t co-sign. She recently told The Huffington Post:

“During the first two weeks, everyone knows that there was a very big fight. And it was my decision not to be engaged in that in any way. And so the fallout of not being involved in the fight was that I was sort of ostracized by some of the women on camera and maybe the network and the producers. But I made the decision that was right for me. So whether they decide to include me in an episode or not, that’s not my call. I’ve done the work, they’ve got loads of footage on me. And the episode that they showed [last week], I believe that they were at a strip party. And I adore Jackie, but that’s not someplace that I would want to be. So if you see scenes or there’s things that are contrary to who I am or what I believe in, I don’t want to be a part of that.”

Personally, I thought the sight of her sitting there while all that drama was going on around her was freakin’ hilarious, but that’s just me. Anyway, Tanya, who admitted during the interview that she sometimes slept with a knife under her bed out of fear for the safety of her and her children while she was still with Jayson (she told The Huffington Post he was a different person whenever he drank too much, took sleeping pills or any type of prescription medication), also revealed that she’s been approached about doing a reality show with the former New Jersey Nets star once he finishes serving time behind bars for the shooting death of a limousine driver. She said:

“It’s funny that you asked about the reality show, because I’ve already been approached by production companies wanting to know if I would be open to doing a show with Jayson. And I haven’t had the time to take the meetings, I’ve got so many other things that are more in line with my goals and my vision. That’s where my focus is. But Jayson is a huge talent. He made mistakes and he can be crazy at times, but no one can take away his gift of gab, his wit and his personality. So I wasn’t surprised to get the calls. But at the end of the day, I’ve got to do things that are going to further my goals and aspirations before I jump into the reality world on that end.”

Jayson is truly a trainwreck…any reality show with him in it would be a ratings grabber!!

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  • Donna says:

    how coukd she just set there , and think that what she did was the right think to do. she could have helped try to break up the fight.
    what if she was jumped would she want some one to help break -up the fight ,,,fake fake fake.

  • Beyoncca says:

    I love Tonya’s personality. I relate to her best. I think saying positive things and using proper grammer is “What’s Up”. I think Malaysia and Tonya are the most beautiful women on this season. I love Malaysia’s skin complection, sheer beauty.
    Jackie is too old to be so unnecessarily confrontational.
    Imani is miserable, because only someone in a constant state of depression would use the term “worthless”.
    Kimsha is so ornery, so typical angry black woman it’s hard to watch.
    Draya is pretty and seems nice.
    Gloria and her brother Laura I can do without. Gloria is forever the fiance never the bride. Larry oops, I mean Laura is a non-mutha-fu**in-factor-bit**.
    Team Tonya
    Team Malaysia

  • DEBORA says:

    I don’t know why everyone was so upset that she didn’t get involved in the stupid 6th graders fight. Why would she? Shes a grown woman and doesn’t need to reduce herself to their level of behavior. Ghetto street behavior. You did the right thing Tanya

  • ph says:

    Only an idiot would have joined into that ghetto fracas…she did the smart, adult thing…..kuddos Tanya..

  • Julia Hamilton says:

    You should see them, they are judging and fighting and lying. Jackie has become the head honsho of the group. That is why she wanted Tanya out of the way. She knew someone would like Tanya’s style, and admire her to copy her disposition. So Miss Jackie wanted Tanya out of the way to interject her bossy, rude, and scheming mannerism on the other ladies. You should see Ms. Gloria and her sister kiss up to Miss Diamonds, Jackie Christie. They adore Jackies style. An Ms. cold and missing heart Imani, she doesn’t care to teach anybody how to be a lady!

  • Andrea says:

    She has more class than any of those catty, insecure little girls that get into fights because they’re all so damn ghetto. If you’re big enough to talk big and start a fight then you’re big enough to get your ass kicked. Why does anyone need to interject and get involved in someone else’s fight especially with how they were treating her? Funny how everyone wants to get on her case for not stepping in on a fight that she wasn’t involved in, for what? To prove something to those hags that didn’t like her in the first place?

    People with class can see what she did was right. I wouldn’t get involved with ghetto BS either.

  • Dique says:

    Ms. Tanya is the reason that i watch the show to see when she’ll return. It is wonderful to see a dark Sista shine so bright, with correct articulation, style and grace. She was their trying to add to whatever missing link was missing that she could fill, instead of embracing that, they attacked it, laughed at it, and dismissed her.
    They in the end will lose> Ms. Tanya came to bring light and positivity, she’s been through enough drama, she is in a perpetual state of moving upward, but they seem to only wish to continue to show a negative light on who we are – Ladies look in the mirror, you are US!

  • TonyaCrazy says:

    For Tonya to just sit there while all that was going on around her only says she is use to being in volatile situations…It doesn’t say she is above it but is use to it…I mean clearly her relationship with Jayson was a volatile one and I would only presume her upbringing may have been too. No one sits in the mist of chaos texting and not be familiar with chaos…She definitely wasn’t uncomfortable. I don’t fault her for not breaking it up because the other women where handling that, but she clearly is use to chaos and is not the woman she wants to be perceived as.

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