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Jackie Christie Talks Draya, Says She & The Rest Of The Cast Aren’t Bullies

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Viewers were surprised during Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA when Jackie Christie revealed her willingness to overlook Draya‘s past and work on a friendship with the rumored groupie and video model, particularly after last week’s confrontation between the two. But according to Jackie, we didn’t see everything that occurred during the ladies’ showdown at Beso at which time Draya was confronted with a police report that accuses her of child neglect. In a recent interview with CherryOnTop.com, she said:

“See a lot of people didn’t get to see everything that was being discussed. It comes off like I was being a bully, and it seemed as though we were all just coming down on her, but there were a lot of things that was edited out. Draya wasn’t crying from what I was saying to her. A lot of things were talked about and said throughout the whole conversation, and yes, I am crazy about my husband, but who wouldn’t be? But I wasn’t just saying it to Draya in a way that came off to be aggressive, even though that is how it may have appeared. Yes, I do have a strong personality, but I also am a loving and caring person.”

To many viewers, when it comes to Draya, Jackie and the rest of the ladies come off as bullies, but according to the mother of three, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She told CherryOnTop.com:

“The biggest misconception is that we are mean and bullies, and we don’t like Draya, but that is not true. We all have something to offer; it’s a lot of judging that goes on, especially because of the way things seem on TV. But once you get to know us as a whole, we all are not bullies and are caring, compassionate women. But we are not bullies—we all are really good people once you get to know us.”

As for Kimsha Artest and Tanya Williams, both of whom have been absent from the show since the second episode, Jackie said she misses both ladies, but revealed that because of all the filming they did, we may possibly see them again in future episodes:

“I like both of them. I do miss their presence on the show—they are going to come back on a few of the future episodes. We stopped filming now, but they did do a lot of filming separate from myself, because a lot of times we don’t film together. But I do like both of them; I would love to see them be a part of the show again in the future.”

This show may be one of my biggest guilty pleasures right now (damn I hate myself for that).

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  • Screeech!!! says:

    So there were a lot of things discussed? What were they? What the viewers DID see was Jackie and Laura researching Draya’s past and planning an ambush–was this slick editing, or did they actually say what they said??

    The women are “nice”? Is this why we see both Imani and Gloria (“she can get hit by a bus”) expressing pure hatred towards this girl they supposedly “like”? WTF??? Imani seemed upset by the notion that Jackie wants to reach out to a troubled Draya, what’s nice about that? Gloria says that obviously Jackie is more forgiving–as if the women have been wronged by Draya somehow???

    It’s okay to say that editing caused a misconception, however the viewers are going by what is seen AND heard from these women–and what is heard are a bounty of cruel and hateful comments, and what is heard is pure anger and immaturity.

    Jackie is just doing damage control b/c the rest of the world sees them for what they are, a bunch of over-aged high schoolers with much too much time on their hands!

  • Toni says:

    Jackie is a bully. Why the hell say you are not and blame the editing, as if it really has something to do with all these jealous insecured old ladies. Sorry, but Jackie is a bully, she doesn’t know how to talk to people like a normal human being. She talks down to people, especially pretty women. See, when Jackie or the other ladies like Laura Imani Gloria, see a pretty lady, a lady that has it going on, well the green eyed monster comes out of them, see these jealous mean girls can’t help it that when they are so unhappy in their life they feel the need to bash the pretty one, the pretty one that isn’t married or taken and so that would mean that the mean girls are so jealous and insecured of themselves that they got to make sure this new pretty lady that came into the picture can’t get near their husbands/boyfriends at all and so this is where the mean girls start their shyt, with the pretty woman. I don’t trust any of these jealous hoes, sorry but they are and so I don’t care how I sound, just like they didn’t care how they made Draya cried, how they made her feel like shyt as if they never did anything wrong and WTF they act as if they are all angels and shyt they don’t know the real true story on what really went on with Draya’s situation and still got the nerve to tear her down to make her feel like shyt, my goodness I hate these bitches with a fucking passion. I hate women who are mean to other women for no reason at all, all I see is old hags that are jealous and very very insecured of themselves and since they are fat and ugly with lots of hate coming out of them it makes them look more and more like a Devil, an evil piece of shit, yeah they are all a piece of shit, they are worthless, they meaning Jackie Imani Gloria and Laura are nothing but pieces of shit, ugly looking evil bitches.

  • Toni says:

    Sorry, I got so angry and not realizing how much I curse, no, sorry I write the way I speak, I know I know it’s a bad habit, but I was really angry at these so called ladies

  • trish says:

    I agree with TONI, she’s a wonna be! She won’t to. Be like shaunie was on mami. And these are all strong ladies, and she couldn’t take that, so she had to one by one break them down to get to the head…. and it back fired. That’s why she said nobody talk.behind each others bac, like she did, in front of everybody’s face, so she could stay on top… and it back fired. Big time. Can you say m(r)s. Christie “MENTAL WARD,”

  • A says:

    I agree with Toni. I think that Imani is a old ass loser n don’t have a mind of her own. Draya is a cool chick she put at all out there not one lie from her. Jackie is such a ugly hateful bitch, go worry bout a daughter not liking u. Even ya child knows whats up. As for ya man jakie, I don’t know if he’s slow or just in it because it cheaper to keep her but poor man for having ya crazy ass full time. GROW UP CHICKS.

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