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Is America’s Growing Support For Marijuana Going To Help Get It Legalized Anytime Soon?

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I think one of the most boring debates in the world is whether or not marijuanashould be legalized. Ever since I was in college—where I frequently had to debate things in class and write papers where I took a stance—the legalization of marijuana and abortion have been the two go-to topics for students and teachers alike. As a result, it almost doesn’t matter what you think on either subject, because they are two of those subjects where just about everyone has a clear-cut opinion and no matter what arguments you make about them during a debate, those opinions don’t tend to change.

That said, I do have to say that I’m a little surprised at how open many Americans are to legalizing cannabis. For the record, I honestly don’t have a horse in this race. I don’t smoke weed, so I don’t see the need for it to be legalized to the point where it’s sold in convenience stores around the country. But I do realize that it may have a medical use, so maybe it should be readily available for people out there to use as they see fit. I’m not particularly opinionated in either direction. However, America is.

Surprisingly, America is becoming more and more pro-marijuanathese days. In fact, a record 50 percent—yes, that’s half of the country—now favors legalizing marijuanause, while just 46 percent think it should remain illegal (I guess I fall into that remaining four percent?). That’s up four percent from just last year and a clear indication that more Americans are open to the idea of marijuana becoming legal.

Does that mean that marijuanawill be legalized anytime soon? Eh, not likely. As usual, the Gallup poll that discovered the 50 percent figure also found out that most Americans over the age of 65 still strongly oppose legalizing marijuana. Likewise, conservatives and Republicans are also still opposed to legalizing it, too. And the majority of those who responded favorably to legalizing weed are those who fall into the 18-29 age group. And while those folks do vote for laws pertaining to marijuana, they have very little say when it comes to actually drafting up bills that could one day change America’s official stance on ganja.

Still, if these figures are any indication, I don’t see how Mary Jane won’t be legal one day in my lifetime. I think that it’ll be regulated to the fullest extent and, most likely, you’ll need some type of prescription or official document to get it legally. I don’t foresee my kids or my grandkids being able to freely buy it at the corner store. Not yet, at least. However, America is clearly becoming more and more open to the idea of legalizing the stuff. And as all of those people who support legalizing it grow up and don’t see marijuanaas such a bad thing, they’ll be in a better position to see that it gets decriminalized.

For now, though, all of you out there who like to puff, puff, pass will just have to wait. You’ll have to wait for that 50 percent to grow to 53 percent, 58 percent, 65 percent, 71 percent, and eventually 80 or 90 percent. It’ll happen. Eventually. It’s only a matter of time before weed is just as legal as liquor and cigarettes (in fact, can’t you picture a time and place in which weed is more legal than cigarettes?). But, for now, all of you college kids out there debating the legalization of pot will have to make do with the fact that American support for the green stuff is growing. As for me, I’m on to debate something else. Until the government gets more serious about legalizing marijuana or shuts down the idea completely, this debate is still boring to me.

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