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Fabolous Talks Love & Hip-Hop Drama And His Relationship With Emily Bustamante

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Although he’s refused to appear on the show, Fabolous has nevertheless been at the center of a lot of the drama on VH1′s Love & Hip-Hop, which stars the rapper’s baby mama and girlfriend (ex?), Emily Bustamante. Although Fab and the celebrity stylist have been together for years, many were in the dark about the duo’s relationship since he’s tried his best to keep it under wraps and out of the public eye, and the situation has resulted in many plot twists and turns on the hit docu-series. Ultimately, it appeared that Emily was ready to move on from the relationship (in the first few episodes of the current season, she actually moves out of the home she shared with Fab and gets her own place), but judging by his recent comments about the state of their relationship, she may not be ready to throw in the towel just yet. Fab told NYC radio personality Angie Martinez:

“I think we have a great relationship as far as being a mother and father or woman and man or whatever our situation is without a title. I think we’re in a good space communicating. She’s traveled with me for my birthday; she hadn’t really did much traveling with me at all but I thought it was a time where we could hang out and get to re-getting to know each other.”

Although Fab and Emily are “re-getting to know each other,” that doesn’t mean the Brooklyn native has ever watched the show, but he’s still managed to formulate an opinion on it. According to Fab, the show does not tell the whole story and is not an accurate portrayal of who he is. He told Angie:

“No, I’ve never watched it. I’ve heard what people say about the show. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s just one side of what’s going on. I don’t bash it, but I’m not really in support of it, either. I don’t think it depicts me the way I am; it just depicts a one-sided version of what’s really going on.”

Adding to Fab’s distaste for the show is the addition of video vixen Kimbella to the cast, who he dated when Emily was pregnant with their son (after Kimbella made the startling admission on the first episode of the new season, she ended getting stomped out on the floor by Jim Jones‘ girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, and Emily was reduced to tears). According to Fab, Love & Hip-Hop‘s producers put their pursuit for entertaining television before all else. He added:

“That’s how you know the producers of that show … I wouldn’t say that they don’t care about Emily but they’re there to make entertaining television. If they can dig up a girl from four years ago who can make an interesting twist in an episode of their show then guess what, they’ll do it. Where did she come from?”

I feel where Fab is coming from, and although I’m definitely a fan of his music, I still have to call it like I see it. Had he not dealt with Kimbella or any other woman while Emily was carrying his child, there wouldn’t have been a girl to “dig up.” Church!

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  • MIchele says:

    Wow – well not sure how you can totally comment on something you haven’t seen and rely on the “he-said-she-said” b.s. That’s listenting to a one sided version as well…

    Anywho, I think Kimbella is a little fake on the show.

    I think Emily can be made if she pleases b/c she dealt with the man and the b.s.; however, Chrissy was dead wrong. Sucka punches being thrown are for suckas. All in all she needs to sit the **** down & shut the **** up!!!

    It’s strictly entertainment to me – A good laugh and no one should take this show that serious…

  • Denise says:

    Hell the show should be called 4 the love of chrissy its seems like the show is all about her! Its really shocking to me how jim jones checks every1 but his bitch most of the time she outta line n out of control I hope he never marry her controling azz! Fuck chrissy every week this bitch arguing with some1 new

  • S.A. says:

    I cannot understand why JJ won’t marry Chrissy? He is whipped but just not enough to marry her but enough to defend her crazy ass!
    His Manager was crazy to get in the middle of a family feud esp. dancing to a song against Chrissy. This is your bosses girl silly!

  • Anne. says:

    I feel Mama Jones cause women can try to push the mother aside. Why was it okay to call your man’s mother a psychotic bitch even if she is?

    I want grand kids too but it’s just as much your son’s fault as his girls. It takes two to make a baby happen!

    Get married on the show and try to get paid like that Kardashian girl but keep the nuptials together longer than 72 hours.

    PS The mole is growing too big Chrissy, time to cut it off already!

  • NA NA. says:

    Jim’s girl should apologize to Kimbella, it was none of her business. I’d file charges and KIM B. would win. It’s all caught on tape.

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  • Mena Sorbet says:

    Alls I want 2 know iz…..why is HE drippin in the diamonds (engagement ring no.2 mind u) and Chrissy ain’t even get the first one??? (engagement ring).. all i got 2 say iz…I’LL BE DARNED if the “MAN” IS GONNA OUT-BLING ME with an engagement (I’m sorry.”TWO” engagement rings) & I haven’t even gotten the 1st one yet! Lol! Just some food 4 thought…:)

  • Darlene says:

    Chrissy is to Love and Hip Hop what NeNe is to Atlanta Housewives!….LOUD UNREFINED BULLY UNPLEASANT ANGRY BLACK WOMAN. Chrissy is a bully and she was shocked to see Emily, Olivia and Somaya having a good time without her. It was EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL BY CHRISSY to hold Emily hostage because Chrissy is a raging lunatic. Kimbella attempted to apologize and CHRISSY COULDN’T LET IT GO. It was an overreaction to Kimbellas INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT. Chrissy could forgive Mama Jones for posting a video calling her a PSYCHOTIC BITCH….BUT NOT GET OVER Kimbella saying she slept with Emilys man UPMTEEN YEARS AGO! CHRISSY YOU ARE A FRAUD AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR ASSUALTING KIMBELLA! Kimbella was out of line but it merely merited…checking her NOT ASSAULTING HER. Emily is an emotional wreck and it will take years of therapy for her to get the self esteem she needs to be independent. She is a pretty girl with a good heart. I like her. Olvivia is sticking to Chrissy becaue she close to the industry. I think she is talented…but there is no connections to her as an artist….i understand how difficult it is to let people in….but unless we get to know her….there is no reason…to get to know her. Yandy is the real one. Now i think Yandy made a mistake when she blurred the lines between business and personal by referring to CHECKS IN cHRISSYS PRESENCE…but I AM GLAD TO SEE HER CHECK CHRISSYS KRAZY ASS..and LET jim jones know how she contricutes to his success. YANDY MAKE PEACE WITH KRAZY CHRISSY AND THE NEXT TIME SOME TRASH TRIES TO SIT ON HIS LAP, HOLLA AT HIM….you don’t owe it to Chrissy to block that anymore…She wants it business….She should have been careful….she may get what she asked for….

  • finemocha says:

    im so glad, chrissy beat kimbella up. I just wish olivia and somaya held the managers back so that she could check her a bit more. i dont care if a female is a slut, jumpoff, groupie etc. BUT PLEASE DONT BE AS STUPID AS KIMBELLA. SHE JUST SEEMS SOO DUMB, I CANT STAND THAT.



  • ScreaamMoochie says:

    Ummm… i love both of them and i think that their son is beautiful. i want them to stay together or get back together, either or, but if Emily is not being treated right then she gotta do whats best for her. And Fab must know he’s wrong for what he did to her while she was pregnant, but like i said i still love both of them!

  • KESHA says:

    Emliy is doing the right thing, if shes not happy then move on, being rich and unhappy is not okay, whether be poor and happy then to be in an unhealthy relationship. These women know what to expect when u marry or end up with rapper/bbplayer, They shouldnt be worrying about they men, play the game like they play and try to win. U make the bed so lay in it, I guess its easy said, then being done, the public, media, critics,/haters r on the out side looking in. U never know what to expect, I like Emliy, shes sweet, soft spoken, not messy. chrissy off the hook, but she demands her respect. it just tell what money can buy, it can’t buy love, cause u lose an engagment ring tells alot. Everybody just need to pull together and stop hating and bringing up old shit from the past and leave somethings unknown. (BLACK GIRLS ROCK)

  • KESHA says:

    Emliy stay sweet and do whats healthy for u

  • stephanie says:

    It’s called reality television people. Most of this is just to get rating. Chrissy is my girl. I respect her b/c she knows what she wants. As for momma Jones she needs to le jimmy go and allow him and chrissy to be happy. Kimbella got what she deserve. It doesn’t pay to be disrespectful. I am glad chrissy had Emily’s back b/c at that time she was still at an weak point in her life. Yandy your cool, you just have to seperate business from personal matters. Emily keep your head up,your a badd chick trust some other guy would love to have you on their arm.

  • Shelia says:

    Y’all call Chrissy cazy but who wouldn’t want a friend like her??

  • nicci says:

    A lady is to act like a lady and CHRISSY IS hood i hope she flex on the wrong [person and they bash her head in.

  • Miss.Lady says:

    I like Chrissy…She is real, She is what a lot of women wish they were…She don’t give nor take no bull crap..POINT BLANK..Jim love it so forget what the rest of the world thinks…Emily is really easy going and easy to forgive..And that makes people run over you..Chrissy knows how Emily is,so like a friend she handled that…It is what it is…Homegirl Kimbelly should have kicked rocks when she say everthing was gettin heated up..What you think..You gone sith there and do some file crap like that and not pay for it…She lucky the camera men were there or she probably would have really seen what the TEE was….JUST SAYIN..

  • Nicky says:

    Chrissy needs to get some business cause she is in everybody elses. I am all for defending a friend but Emily needed to check Kimbella herself woman to woman. The only person she cant boss around on the show is Jim’s manager. Does Chrissy have any skills ? Maybe she should be a boxing promoter. Everyone else on the show got a gig. Whats hers ??!!! I respect her ride or die mentality with Jimmy but she is not relevant with out him. I read she is responsible for his style ? B*tch please ! Try something else boo cause he looks like a bum ! I respect her hustle though. Marry Jim, have some babies and be set for life. How do you think Emily got in ? Misa Hilton got in ? Hey stay a kept chic so you can keep later. lol !!!

  • star says:

    chrissy dumb,she need to leave his broke ass alone,if he cant commit,i dont even know why she bought him ,not one a second ring,he aint gonna marry her.

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  • e.j.a says:

    chrissy is jus a real woman. em is her friend and she defended her and fab needs 2 b deleted from everyones mouth. he didn’t even show up for the family photo shoot! can u say LAME. Em move on, chrissy keep doin u!!

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