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5 Ways Apple Should Improve SIRI

Submitted by on April 6, 2012 – 12:26 pm4 Comments

By now, whether you have the iPhone 4S or not, you’ve heard of (and have probably experimented with) SIRI. An acronym which stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, the innovation has rendered the smartphone world changed forever. Even Google admits it has a ways to go in order to catch up, and Apple once again created (or should we say bought, in this case?) a means of sustainable competitive advantage, the reason the company is a world-renowned rock star.

However, after a while of asking SIRI random questions, and after having problems with response time and other issues, it’s easy to get bored with SIRI or go many days without using it. Hell, some days it is just not worth the trouble and users eventually decide to let their thumbs do the talking. In order for SIRI to stay in high demand and reach her full potential, we’ve got some ways that the leading company’s leading lady can be upgraded.

  1. Full feature/app integration. If you’ve got SIRI, you know that while the list of things she can do is a pretty decent, it’s still fairly limited. We long for the day when you can send e-mails, Skype messages, copy/paste, take pictures, and maybe even play a turn of Words With Friends using SIRI. Seriously, in this high tech world, some of the best things in life are hands free.
  2. Regional accent recognition. The author of this post is from the South. I consider myself a pretty articulate guy, but sometimes when I speak, SIRI has no idea what I’m saying and her approximations are quite humorous. With the many different accents in the States, I can’t be the only one dealing with this issue. However, it’s hard to laugh when you really can’t use your hands and need to get things done.
  3. Audio aesthetics. Speaking of accents, wouldn’t it be nice if you could change SIRI’s gender and/or accent to suit your personal tastes? There is currently a bootleg way to do this (just change Siri’s language to Australian to hear a faint Aussie accent), but shouldn’t there be more legitimate options?
  4. Use your words. SIRI resorts to a lot of Internet searches, lists, and maps, but wouldn’t it be nice if she could verbalize more of the information we ask for?
  5. Upgrades, period. Apple announced SIRI by saying it was a beta that would be upgraded over time. However, as of yet, we really haven’t seen any new versions. With the number of times they update iTunes and Safari and the large number of obvious small additions or bug fixes warranted, we’re trying to figure out what the hold up is!

Obviously, this topic has garnered quite a bit of controversy as Apple has been sued for false advertisement over claims about SIRI’s functions. How would you change SIRI?

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  • c0nd3mn3d says:

    you’re the second person i’ve had to advise that it’s “Siri,” not “SIRI.” this really isn’t that difficult to know through even a minimal amount of paying attention. One would think a “genius” would have no trouble paying attention.

  • Watch your tone, there. While it is true that the software package’s name is typically stylized as a proper noun to draw on its somewhat human like artificial intelligence, it is still an acronym. As is written above, the letters do stand for a longer, descriptive name, regardless of how it is stylized. You’re the first person I’ve had to point that out to. Feel special?

  • [...] 5 Ways Apple Sh&#959&#965ld Improve SIRI An acronym wh&#1110&#1089h stands f&#959r Speech Interpretation &#1072nd Recognition Software, th&#1077 innovation h&#1072&#1109 rendered th&#1077 smartphone world changed forever. Even Google admits &#1110t h&#1072&#1109 a ways t&#959 g&#959 &#1110n order t&#959 catch up, &#1072nd Apple once again m&#1072d&#1077 (&#959r &#1109h&#959&#965ld w&#1077 &#1109&#1072&#1091 … Read more &#959n DrJays.com Live [...]

  • Hainesy says:

    SRI is an acronym upon which Siri’s technology is based, but Siri is the name of the company acquired by Apple for the technology. Following the acquisition, Apple chose to keep the eponymous product name for its own. Siri, a pronunciation of SRI, is the proper noun name given to the product being discussed herein by its creator and subsequent owner. The misnomer acronym using the letters of the name to try to define the name’s origin did not come until later. Besides, SIRI is and already was the stock ticker symbol for Sirious XM Radio.

    Simplest to just call the product by the name provided by its owner. Surely there is yet elegance and simplicity in genius.

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