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The Real Reason Why Mayweather And Pacquiao Haven’t Fought

Submitted by on May 7, 2012 – 10:06 am3 Comments

Yes, Floyd Mayweather has won again. No, it wasn’t the fight that everybody wanted. Yes, it was a hell of a fight against Miguel Cotto. No, nobody expected him to lose. Yes, everyone wants Mayweather-Pacquiao. No, we aren’t any closer to it happening and perhaps it never will.

Message boards continue to light up regarding that final statement, placing the blame on the two fighters for not setting their egos aside and finally stepping into the ring to prove who is better. Some say Mayweather is scared, others say Pacquiao is scared. All we know is that everything from Olympic-style drug testing to the purse split has been cited as the reason why these two haven’t fought. But there is something that the general public doesn’t realize is playing a major role in why this fight has yet to happen.

It’s not about Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, it’s about Mayweather vs. Bob Arum.

You may know Top Rank’s Bob Arum as Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, but many forget that he was once Floyd Mayweather’s promoter. You see, Arum promoted Mayweather from 1996-2006 and the two had an ugly split when Mayweather accused Arum of exploiting his talents while underpaying and undermarketing him. Arum said that Mayweather wouldn’t amount to much after the boxer turned down an $8 million payday to fight Antonio Margarito, paid to get out of his contract with Arum and decided to become a free agent. Well, you know the rest when it comes to Mayweather not amounting to much. After all, he is nicknamed “Money” and brought home a record purse of $32 million in his victory against Miguel Cotto (with estimates after PPV and closed circuit sales hovering between $50 and $60 million).

Since the split, Mayweather started his own promotion company that often partners with Oscar De La Hoya‘s Golden Boy Promotions for his fights. The feud between the two sides is far beyond personal, as they refuse to do business together. In order for a fighter from Top Rank to face a Golden Boy/Mayweather fighter or vice versa, that fighter has to break ties with the rival company (see: Juan Manuel Marquez and Miguel Cotto).

So it’s a little more complicated than Mayweather wanting to fight Pacquiao. This is about the business and who will be profiting off of whom. If left up to Mayweather, Bob Arum will never make another dime off of a boxer. The same can be said for Arum’s feelings toward Mayweather. Unfortunately for Pacquiao, he’s been a pawn in this rivalry and his allegiance to Arum has become problematic. It’s a story that hasn’t been presented to the public and Mayweather decided to air out Arum after the Cotto fight.

I’m tired of the media and the people being fooled. The truth is that Bob Arum is not going to let the fight happen. It’s not on me. I offered Pacquiao $40 million. I told him I’d wire him $20 million in 48hrs but he wanted a 50/50 purse split. That’s not going to happen. He’s not breaking records for PPV sales, I am. The public is being fooled. Once he is free from Bob Arum the fight will happen. He doesn’t care about the fighter making happen. This sport is grueling and I want Pacquiao to make money.

In Mayweather’s eyes, he feels that Pacquiao is getting shortchanged just like he was back when he was aligned with Arum. This is the reason why Mayweather says he offered Pacquiao a $40 million guarantee to fight him. He feels that Pacquiao isn’t seeing half of the money he is reportedly earning after Arum takes his cut and whatever other fees are coming out. For Mayweather to cough up half of the proceeds and see Arum collect a hefty paycheck sickens the undefeated Mayweather. Whether right or wrong, this is the sticking point and the primary reason why this fight hasn’t happened.

Don’t be fooled by message boards and the talking heads who don’t know much about boxing. This isn’t about fear as much as it is about two guys who genuinely hate each other based on their previous relations as businessmen. Will they ever iron out their differences? It’s doubtful, but maybe one side will budge and give the fans the fight they want to see.

Until then…

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  • Christian says:

    Yeah, a lot of people get too emotional and think that these fighters hate or are afraid of each other. Reality is that it’s a business, and right now Manny Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s greatest asset, and he is not prepared to risk losing his greatest asset to Floyd Mayweather jr., a guy who I believe that Bob has a personal grudge against. It’s a matter of business and honor (I guess).

  • Mamba-regime says:

    Strange one of the better articles about this comes from a clothes company/seller. One thing I didnt think of til it was recently brought to my attention it the Mayweather offering Manny 40 million. Upon 1st look I thought he was lowballing him by offering him an impressive sum (but taking away his ppv profits), but recently a poster on a diff website, brought up this…Mayweather didnt offer Pac and TR 40 mill…he offered Pac HIMSELF 40 million! Most likely in an attempt to get im to try and buy out of his TR contract. Of course Koncz, Arums in-house spy was listening in on the call and squashed it. Good read though.

  • Tulsa Tornado says:

    That’s a lame excuse for Mayweather.

    That fight will break records because of Mayweather AND PACQUIAO.

    Top Rank being Pacquiao’s promoter and having taken him from small PPV shows to the megastar he is today and 8-figure purses are entitled to get a return on their investment while Pacquiao is contracted to them.

    Mayweather pays Golden Boy millions to have them promote his fights, that’s not much different except it being on a fight by fight basis. What Pacquiao does with his share of money from their fight is no business of Mayweather’s, and if that’s the reason he refuses to make the fight (he doesn’t want Arum to make money from the fight) history will not be kind to him on this issue.

    I doubt Mayweather offering $40M and no share of the PPV was to entice Pacquiao to leave Top Rank, I believe it was just to lowball him. Mayweather’s camp has stated in the past Floyd wanted $100M for a Pacquiao fight. Pacquiao taking only $40M might be his way of achieving this.

    Pacquiao is hardly going to cough up tens of millions of dollars to buy out a contract he renewed not that long ago. He seems happy with his promoter and grateful for where they have taken his career.

    And it wasn’t Koncz who rejected the offer, Pacquiao himself is on camera laughing off Mayweather’s offer of $40M and no PPV% and it was he who told Floyd personally it had to be a 50-50 split on the revenue before he handed the phone over to Koncz. Pacquiao clearly knows what he should be making from the fight, minimum $60-70 million, and how important the PPV and fight revenue % will be in a fight expected to break PPV and fight revenue records.

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