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iPhone 5 Beats Galaxy S III In Multiple Speed Tests

Submitted by on September 23, 2012 – 11:24 am23 Comments

The iPhone 5 may be only two days old in the hands of most consumers, but it’s already being hotly discussed, debated, and analyzed. Put up against it’s clearest competitor, Apple arch-rival Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 appears to excel in at least one area: speed.

Blogger Austin Evans put both phones to the test on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. And while he used Geekbench for a standard speed score, Evans also provided comparisons of the phone’s speed in browsers and for gaming. In each, the iPhone came out ahead.

Speeds will certainly vary by network, but a similar test on AT&T also showed the iPhone as the speedier device.

Of course, I’m sure Apple critics would argue that speed is not the only factor in smartphone supremacy, or even the most important. And the Galaxy S III still has the edge in screen size, resolution, and now, having Google Maps.

Which do you think is better? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via Mashsable]

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  • husain says:

    I doubt big time.

  • Woody says:

    Ha! I gotta laugh at the Sammy fans who are such bitter denial that video proof isn’t enough to convince them that the iPhone 5 is currently the fastest phone on the planet.

  • someguy says:

    So one guy did some tests and that automatically makes it a faster phone? What are his tech qualifications? If any.

    Apple Logic if I ever heard it.

  • Herman Rutner says:

    I own neither and get info secondhand. I understand Galaxy S IV will launch soon. Let’s do another comparison then. Comment: there is something wrong with a patent system that blocks sales of a superior smart phone without mandatory licensing at a reasonable fee rather than awarding ridiculous punitive damages imposed by a biased jury.

  • someguy says:

    @Herman Rutner

    I agree. Lets judge a South Korean company in America with an American jury about an American company. Sounds totally fair. Especially with Americans attitudes that they are the greatest country ever and anything not made there is stolen. News Flash, everything is made in China.

  • kwe says:

    am sure the gS3 will offer better results if u just unbox it and test the speeds. try loading 10 apps in iphone and then test it..all new phones perform fast, so this comparison is not fair

  • gabriel says:

    Interesting, but speed has been conquered, how about efficiency, battery life, brightness, feeling in hands, ease of searching and PDF reading.

    I own a g2x extended battery up to 4 days with no charge, my “out dated” smartphone is plenty to work with even though I have android 2.3. As fun as games are you shouldn’t buy the most advance mobile devices in the world to play angry birds

  • Scott T says:

    To me this review is not good. The benchmark must be compare at maximum CPU & GPU clock. The reviewer mention that Apple iphone5 ran between 800-1.2Ghz, but did he knows that the Samsung GS3 ran between 320-1.5GHz? OS behaves and operating differently depends on tasks. Based on this alone,this review is invalid and should not be even mentioned.

  • Rohan says:

    I suppose the iPhone is better at gaming, animations, etc. But is that why we buy smartphones?

    How about an OS with better core applications Gmail, Google Music, Google Maps, Chrome, Contacts,…?

    How about an OS with far superior User Interface and Accessibility…. Interactive Status Bar, Widgets, Better Voice-Text Engine? Better integration and data flow between applications including 3rd Party Applications…

    How about an OS which can open any multimedia files mkv, xvid, and all document types?

    How about an OS which doesn’t control the freedom of users, which does not trouble users with iTunes?

    If you want a piece of Jewelry or a Gaming device buy the iPhone! If you want to add some productivity for which Smartphones are designed the buy an Android!

    iPhone is just an Illusion! An Illusion cannot last forever!

  • Jake says:

    So a phone just released has better performance characteristics than a phone that been on the market for almost half a year already!!!

    Hahahaha!! Now that is some spot on high tech reporting!

    In other news Blu-Ray movies have better resolution than standard dvd movies!

  • Joel says:

    Well, this certainly is nifty. While this is indeed only one set of tests, it looks like Austin tried to equalize the tests as well as he could, and the benchmarks show that the iPhone 5 was the fastest.

    The comments seem to imply that at least one person is a bit grumpy about that. Shame, shame. More tests will come out over time, I’m sure, but this is one feather in Apple’s cap!

    Of course, processor speed isn’t the only determiner in a phone choice. I’m currently of the belief that most of the top phones are already as fast as they need to be, so variances between them aren’t important to me.

    Some people want the larger screen, but I’ve seen the SIII, and it seems a little awkward to me. It may be just me, but the iPhone’s screen looked a bit brighter in the video, too. Maybe I’m imagining it. It could be a setting difference, anyway.

    In any case, good job on the tests, and thanks for the benchmarks!

    One question, though. Why is it that every time there’s an article about specs or even the feel of a phone, that suddenly everybody starts arguing about the trademark disputes? The performance of each of these devices is not affected by the disputes.

    As for judging a South Korean company in America, well, each company is judged in and by the country in which it is doing business. American companies are judged by South Korea for their practices when doing business in South Korea. Yes, it IS fair. You comply with the laws and judgement in the country where you do business.

    This doesn’t mean that one country believes that they are better than others. It means that they set the rules for business where they have authority. As they should.

  • Justin says:

    Butthurt Samsung fans….everywhere.

    If the GSIII was quicker than the iPhone 5 in the video they wouldn’t be complaining. Any excuse is better than none I guess

  • Vg Vg says:

    Samsung are so blind!!! They already holding piece of garbage in their hands, give them piece of crap and they will say its faster. Lol, what proof you need? Lol, enjoy your small tablet s3, haha

  • larryf says:

    Having a larger screen size is NOT an advantage for me. The new iPhone 5 is the lightest, easiest to use, greatest screen and camera I have ever used. My couple of months with the Galaxy S III was OK but not the seamless experience I get with the iPhone 5.

  • henry says:

    people are distracted by all these tech add-ons on a piece of phone. all we need is check email, talk and some searching on a modern phone. okay, 1 or 2 second faster or slower is not going to end the world.

  • honkj says:

    wow, some serious denial by fanDroids…

    the tests are just that, tests… everyone else is seeing the same thing…

    you’ve got to wonder about these fanDroids, they are even actually faking some of the benchmarks now…

  • honkj says:

    and don’t worry Android fans, Samsung will soon copy the engineering of the Apple designed chips… so you’ve got that going for you…

  • job says:

    I only get a new phone every two or three years. I honestly don’t care which phone is superior. I get the one that I like to use. Does it really matter if one is slightly faster or has a bigger display? I remember when smaller was better.

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  • Andy says:

    You people are complete morons.

    First- a patent is a patent whether it originated in the United States or South Korea. Whoever invented something first has the right to claim copyright infringement. A lot of Android is stolen from iOS and hardware features were also stolen from Apple. So, they have a right to their case; and they won.

    Second- The things on the phones that are telling you how fast it’s performing at are apps. There are obviously a good deal of apps loaded on to both phones. I’ve owned both iOS devices as well as Android; Apple just handles processes SO much better than Android- I’m really not surprised that the iPhone 5 is faster.

    Samsung has been completely tasteless about Apple once again putting out a better product, and it seems that everyone who is anti-Apple will get behind a company that is as well.

  • Jimmie says:

    One shot straight through the hull at Apple. It will be good for them that their phone is a little bit faster at games and such when their crappy navigation app has them setting in the middle of a field wondering where the hell the Starbuck’s is at! Apple, great hardware, shitty company. If I can’t try different roms/tweaks on it till I am 100% satisfied with my phone then it is not my phone.

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