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Should The New York Knicks Be Allowed To Record The Conversations Carmelo Anthony Has On The Court?

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It’s been awhile since the New York Knicks have caused some controversy. Things have been going pretty good for the team so far this season. So, they’re due for some negative headlines, right? Er, it sure looks like it. And, Knicks owner James Dolan is doing his best to provide them.

After his star player Carmelo Anthony and Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett were involved in some pretty aggressive trash talking that spilled off the court and resulted in ‘Melo attempting to fight KG early last week, Dolan decided that he wanted to make sure an incident like that never took place again. So, late last week, he went ahead and hired two audio technicians to sit courtside at every Knicks home game at Madison Square Garden in order to record every single conversation that Anthony has on the court. This way, if Anthony is ever involved in another trash talking session that turns violent, Dolan will be able to prove why it happened.

But, obviously, Dolan’s attempt at recording Anthony’s every word caused controversy almost immediately. Other NBA teams questioned whether the technicians would also be listening in on their players whenever they played at the Garden. NBA analysts wondered whether Anthony had given Dolan the OK to record him. And, when Anthony said that he had not been informed of the recordings that Dolan had ordered but that he was fine with it, the controversy surrounding the situation only grew. Surely, Dolan’s idea to record everything has to violate some sort of NBA rule, right?

As of now, the league hasn’t come out and said that Dolan can’t record Anthony. But, we think they should. For starters, if there’s no rule against recording players like this, there certainly should be. After all, if Dolan can record Anthony, then why can’t he also record the point guards on other teams calling plays? Why can’t he listen in on the huddles of other teams? Why can’t he pick up everything that’s said on the court on any given night? Furthermore, who exactly is he helping by making the recordings? If he’s so worried about Carmelo Anthony trash talking, why doesn’t he just—and we know this is crazy, but…—tell Carmelo Anthony to stop trash talking?! If an incident like the one that happened with KG ever happens again, what is a recording going to do? Prove that both guys said some things that were out of line?

Bottom line, recording guys while they’re on the court in the heat of battle is crazy. And, while we sort of admire Dolan for trying to do it, we also don’t think he should be allowed to do it. So, we hope the NBA makes him stop sooner than later. Otherwise, the NBA could have an even bigger controversy on its hands. And, is that what they—or the Knicks—really want?

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