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A Pair Of Converse Sneakers That Michael Jordan Wore In College Just Sold For More Than $33,000

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Most of Michael Jordan‘s sneakers are expensive. Very expensive. They can sell for upwards of $200 or $300 in stores. And if you buy a pair from a reseller? They can cost you double or even triple that. The price of Air Jordans has gotten absolutely ridiculous in recent years with people shelling out their rent money to pay for a pair of sneakers. But believe it or not, someone just agreed to pay $33,000—yes, 33 thousand dollars!—for a pair of Michael Jordan’s sneakers. And they’re not even in good condition!

Of course, these particular sneakers weren’t available in stores anytime in the last 30 years. They also have a great back story that trumps the back story of every single pair of Air Jordans on the market right now. And they’re worth every penny that the buyer spent on them, because they’re not your average Air Jordan sneakers. Instead, the $33,000 sneakers are actually Converse sneakers that Michael Jordan himself wore back in his college days at North Carolina. Grey Flannel Auctions just auctioned the sneakers off and they ended up fetching $33,387—or roughly $33,187 more than the average pair of Air Jordans.

According to Grey Flannel, MJ wore this particular pair of sneakers during UNC’s 1982 NCAA Championship Game against Georgetown. He then gave them to one of his old high school teammates after the game. And that teammate has held onto the sneakers for all of these years before eventually deciding to sell them off. So now, someone else is going to get to add these Converse sneakers to their collection. They’re all beat up, but they’re also a piece of history and the sneakers MJ that was wearing when he made one of the first really big shots of his basketball career.

What do you think about these Converse sneakers selling for so much money? Are they worth $33K or would you rather own the latest Js?

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