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Should Kobe Bryant Start Sitting Out Games To Get Some Rest?

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Even though Kobe Bryant has been playing in the NBA now for almost 20 years—and even though he’s 36 and coming off a pair of bad knee injuries—he really hasn’t slowed down at all so far this season. Common sense would tell you that Kobe can’t play as many minutes as he used to and be successful. But through the first 27 games of the 2014-15 NBA season, Kobe is averaging about 35 minutes per game, or only a few minutes less than he used to average during the prime of his career. As a result, he has looked tired at times and the thought is that he may need to sit out a few games in order to let his body rest. It’s something Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott wants Kobe to do and something that Kobe himself seems to realize that he has to do.

“I don’t have much of a choice if the body is feeling the way it’s feeling right now,” he said earlier this week. “You got to be smart. You got to make sure you get enough return on your investment. With the amount of work that I do and put into my body and to get my body ready, for it to be as sore as it is right now, sometimes you do have to consider sitting down.”

Kobe is right, too. He does need a break and, truthfully, the Lakers need to find a way to bring his minutes per game average down in the coming months. They obviously need Kobe in the lineup if they want to win games this season. But if Kobe continues to average 35 minutes per game and if he refuses to sit out games in order to get rest, his body is going to break down. And not only will that impact what he’s able to do out on the court but it’ll also put him at a greater risk to get hurt. That could lead to injuries down the line and, unfortunately, it could also end up cutting his career short. So Kobe needs to be smart about how much he plays moving forward.

Our suggestion: Take a page out of the San Antonio Spurs‘ playbook and limit Kobe’s minutes, specifically during games that are played on the days and nights right after games. It’s worked well for the Spurs and, while it could negatively affect the Lakers’ team record, it’ll also add some life to Kobe’s career and make sure that he’s around for the next year or two. At this point, it’s the right thing to do for both Kobe and the Lakers.

Do you think that Kobe Bryant should start sitting out more games to let his body rest? Let us know.

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