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Is Michael Jordan Really Rooting For Kobe Bryant At This Point In His Career?

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If you were one of the biggest competitors in the history of professional sports, would you want another guy to break one of your records? Probably not, right? Competitors want their records to stand forever. And even though it’s kind of unrealistic to think that it could actually happen, they want to be known as the best to ever take part in their respective sports until the end of time. So at this moment, we wouldn’t blame Michael Jordan one bit if he were upset about Kobe Bryant passing him on the NBA‘s all-time scoring list recently. We’d actually be a little bit surprised if MJ weren’t upset about it.

As it turns out, though, MJ is reportedly rooting for Kobe right now. Even though Kobe passed MJ on the all-time scoring list earlier this month—and even though Kobe has long drawn comparisons to MJ—Kobe just revealed that MJ provided him with some good advice recently. And in the process, MJ proved that he’s rooting for and not against Kobe. He wants to see Kobe pass Karl Malone on the all-time scoring list, too.

“Go get Karl,” MJ told Kobe, according to Kobe who spoke with several reporters from Chicago after the Los Angeles Lakers‘ loss to the Chicago Bulls last night. “The competitor never stops.”

Do you like that MJ is openly supporting Kobe right now? On the one hand, it’s kind of nice to hear that this is what MJ said to Kobe. It shows that he enjoys Kobe’s competitive nature and wants him to succeed, even if it means MJ’s legacy will take a small hit. But on the other, we always enjoyed how competitive MJ was over the years. He never—never—gave a fellow competitor credit and always put himself on a pedestal above everyone else. It’s what made him who he was as a player. So it’s sort of weird to hear about him rooting for Kobe right now, given the history that the two players have.

What do you think about what MJ said to Kobe? Love it? Hate it? Either way, it’s clear that Kobe is going to go after Karl Malone next—and MJ is going to be rooting him on every step of the way.

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