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Is LeBron James Really Thinking About Trying To Reunite With Dwyane Wade Next Season?

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Doesn’t it feel like there’s a new LeBron James rumor that pops up every single day? Yesterday, we told you all about how some people are already starting to speculate about LeBron’s future and guessing that he might leave Cleveland after the current NBA season if the Cavaliers don’t turn things around and start playing better basketball. According to a report published by Cleveland.com, LeBron has told some people that he’d be more than willing to pick up and leave Cleveland again if he has to. But now, an even crazier LeBron-related rumor has surfaced and it has a lot of people wondering what he’s got up his sleeve for next season.

After the Cavaliers played the Miami Heat on Christmas Day, LeBron and his former teammate Dwyane Wade shared a hug. And during that hug, LeBron said something to D-Wade that raised quite a few eyebrows. It’s tough to make out exactly what he said. But in the clip below, you can hear LeBron say something to the effect of “If things aren’t better this year, we’re gonna reunite again and do some bigger and better things, alright?” And everyone’s collective response to that has been “Wait…what?!

You can hear LeBron’s comments at the 2:45 mark of this video:

LeBron has already gone on the record and said that he was not talking hoops with D-Wade in the video. After the Cavaliers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks last night with LeBron on the bench with a sore knee, King James told reporters that he’s not “stupid” enough to talk business with so many cameras around.

“I’ve seen that video, too,” he told reporters. “I don’t know exactly what I said, but I know it had nothing to do about basketball. I wouldn’t say that on Christmas, in front of cameras. That [conversation] had nothing to do with me leaving here. I didn’t go to college, but I’m not stupid. If I would have said something, I would have said it the [previous] night to D-Wade. I’m here now and I’m here to build something in the future.”

Fair enough. We’ll have to take LeBron at his word here and assume that he’s not thinking about teaming up with D-Wade again. But if he were planning something, would you be surprised? This season hasn’t gone as planned so far, and it’s clear that the Cavaliers are going to have to do something in the future to improve their team and get back on the right track.

What do you think LeBron said to D-Wade on Christmas Day?

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