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It Isn’t Over Yet, But The First College Football Playoff Is Already A Success

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For years now, college football fans have been asking for—pleading for, really—a college football playoff. In past years, there have been teams that have gone undefeated during the regular season and failed to contend for a national championship, simply because of where they started off in the college football rankings at the start of the season. So college football fans have requested a playoff to help crown a true national champion. And this year, for the first time ever, the NCAA gave it to them in the form of the College Football Playoff. And after watching the semifinal round of the new playoff system last night, it’s clear that the CFP is exactly what fans had in mind when they requested a playoff.

Under the old Bowl Championship Series system, this year’s national champion would have been either Florida State or Alabama. Those two teams would have finished at the top of the BCS rankings and played one another in a title game to determine a champion. But on Thursday night, Florida State lost to Oregon in the first CFP playoff game 59-20. And then, a few hours later, Alabama lost to Ohio State in the second CFP playoff game 42-35. It sets up an Oregon/Ohio State title game and shows the true value of the CFP as a whole. It’s designed to give the best teams in the nation a chance to play for a national championship, and it doesn’t discriminate against great teams that may have struggled at the start of the season and lost a game. And that in and of itself is enough to declare the CFP a success in its first year.

Does that mean that the NCAA should continue to use the CFP as constructed and not try to make improvements to it in the future? Not necessarily. You could make an argument for the CFP expanding and including more than just four teams in the future. It would make the CFP even more exciting and give more teams—like TCU, which got left out of this year’s CFP—an opportunity to play for a title. But even if the NCAA sticks to inviting just four teams to the CFP, we’re already feeling pretty good about it. For once, college football will have a true champion and no one will be able to dispute their greatness. And really, isn’t that what we’ve been asking for all along?

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