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Is Anyone Surprised To Hear That Jameis Winston Is Entering The 2015 NFL Draft?

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Even though he’s done a lot of great things during his two-year stay in the world of college football, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is reportedly ready to take his talents to the pro level. He hasn’t announced it himself just yet. But according to Winston’s father Antonor Winston, Jameis is going to enter the 2015 NFL Draft this spring and begin his life in the NFL. He believes that he’s ready to go pro and is likely going to be a top pick, if not the top pick, in the draft. But is he really going to be successful as a pro player—or should he have stayed in college another year?

Typically, we would argue that just about everyone can benefit from staying in college for another season, if they’re eligible to do so. Sure, there’s always the risk of injury. But another year in college means another year of preparation and an opportunity to make yourself even more attractive to pro scouts. However, in the case of Jameis Winston, we think he needs to get out of college—and get out now—before he does anymore damage to himself off the field.

You see, you can’t argue against Winston as a player. He has played in a pro system with the Seminoles over the last two years and is clearly ready to make the jump to the NFL. But when he’s not playing football, Winston has found a number of ways to get himself into trouble. Some of that trouble has been very serious—Winston was accused of raping a woman in late 2012—while some of it (stealing crab legs from a grocery store, yelling an obscene phrase on the FSU campus, etc.) has simply shown how immature Winston was and, in many ways, still is. But regardless, the trouble has shined a light on how a pro-ready player can hurt his draft stock simply by doing dumb things off the field. So in order to avoid doing anymore of them, now seems like the best time for Winston to go pro.

That doesn’t mean that Winston is going to leave college and automatically grow up and start acting like an adult. He’s going to have to try and convince an NFL team to use a high draft pick on him and he’s going to have to do it by proving to them that all his troubles are in the past. And then, once he’s actually in the NFL, he’s going to have to continue to develop as both a player and a person. It’s the only way he’s going to be successful and it’s what he has to do in order to show people that he’s making the right decision by leaving school to go to the NFL.

What do you think about Winston’s decision? Is he doing the right thing by going pro or should he have stayed in school for another year?

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