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Knicks Fans Wore Paper Bags Over Their Heads Last Night To Protest Their Favorite Team

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Throughout the course of sports history, there have been a lot of fans who have turned their backs on their favorite teams. They’ve done it by booing during games, by refusing to show up to games, and by heckling their own team’s players during games. But they’ve also done it by, on occasion, wearing paper bags over their heads as a way of saying, “We are so embarrassed with our team that we don’t even want to be seen at one of their games!” It’s basically been used as a last-ditch effort by fans to show their favorite teams how disappointed they are in them—and it only gets pulled out in extreme circumstances.

It seems as though we’ve reached that extreme with fans of the New York Knicks. Last night, the Knicks lost their franchise-record 14th game in a row during a blowout loss to the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden. And rather than boo or heckle or just outright refuse to show up to the game, one group of Knicks fans showed their displeasure with their favorite team by sitting courtside and wearing paper bags over their heads. You can take a look at them in this video:

“That’s not right,” TNT analyst Reggie Miller said when the camera caught the fans and showed them sitting with paper bags over their heads. “Well, maybe it is right.”

It most certainly is. Knicks fans pay a lot of money—a lot of money—to attend games at Madison Square Garden. And so far this season, the Knicks haven’t given them anything to cheer about. In fact, they’re getting worse by the day and, now that J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert have been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s pretty clear that the Knicks are going to tank for the rest of the season. And when they do, their fans are going to continue to get more and more upset with them. So we wouldn’t be surprised to see more paper bags inside of MSG in the future.

This season has officially gone down the tubes for the Knicks and their fans are going to let them know about it every step of the way from here on out. Are you mad with how they’re doing it?

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