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The NFL’s New Veteran Combine Is One Of The League’s Best Ideas In Recent Memory

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Every spring, there are hundreds of NFL veterans who compete for jobs as free agents. Some of those free agents are highly coveted and can choose which team they want to sign with in the offseason. But the vast majority of them are guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to catch on with NFL teams. They’re not necessarily stars. But they are guys who can help NFL franchises by playing special teams or taking on special roles because of their unique skill sets. Only one problem: It’s difficult for NFL teams to evaluate every single one of these players, so many of them fly under the radar or, worse, don’t get signed by anyone simply because they aren’t able to show off their talents for teams.

The NFL is going to solve that problem this year. For the first time ever, the league just announced that they are going to hold a special “Veteran Combine” for their veteran players in March. They are going to select 100 free agents to attend the Combine and will allow those players to run through a series of tests and workouts while all 32 NFL teams watch them. Basically, they’ll get to do everything that NFL rookies get to do before the NFL Draft every year. But because these players are free agents, they’ll be able to sign with whichever team they want to sign with after the Combine. Many of them will be able to improve their stock within the league by working out for teams, while others will, at the very least, give themselves a chance to remain in the league during the 2014-15 NFL season simply because of the Combine.

This “Veteran Combine,” which will be held in Arizona, is one of the best ideas the league has come up with in recent years. It’ll be great not just for players but also for NFL fans who are interested in checking out some NFL action in the middle of the offseason. They’ll get to watch the Combine, see which free agents perform best, and get an inside look at how these workouts benefit their favorite teams. And ultimately, the goal will be to make sure that all free agents get a fair shake in the league and get the opportunity to suit up for a team next year. So it’s a win/win for everyone involved and will be a difference-maker for many NFL players and teams.

Do you like the idea of the NFL holding a “Veteran Combine”? Or do you think it’s unnecessary?

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