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Is LeBron James Trying to Talk Ray Allen Into Signing A Deal With The Cavaliers This Season?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to do everything—everything—in their power to win an NBA title this season. Prior to the start of the year, they added both LeBron James and Kevin Love to their roster. Then, after about 30 games, they added J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Timofey Mozgov to their roster through trades with the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets. And now, it appears as though they have their sights set on signing yet another big-name player, who they hope will be able to put them right back in the NBA Finals conversation. That big-name player is Ray Allen, an excellent three-pointer shooter who just so happened to spend the last few seasons playing with LeBron when he was a member of the Miami Heat.

According to ESPN.com, the Cavaliers are making a serious push to sign Allen, too. Recently, LeBron reportedly met with him while he was rehabilitating his left knee and lower back down in Miami. Several of Allen’s former Heat teammates who are now playing with the Cavaliers, Mike Miller and James Jones, have also reached out to Allen. And even Cavs assistant coach Tyronn Lue has apparently gotten into contact with Allen and tried to talk him into signing with the team before the end of the season. It sounds like the Cavs are putting the full-court press on Allen and trying to do whatever it takes to sign him.

Is that the right move for them to be making, though? Don’t get us wrong. Allen is one of the best three-pointer shooters in NBA history, if not the best three-point shooter of all-time. But he hasn’t played in the NBA all season now and, at 39, his best days are definitely behind him. So even if the Cavs do sign him, there’s a good chance that he’ll only be a shell of his former self. And there’s also a chance that, for awhile, Allen will mess up the Cavs’ chemistry as a team rather than help it. So while it would have been nice to sign Allen back in, say, November, it doesn’t seem quite as beneficial now that it’s almost February.

What do you think about the idea of the Cavaliers signing Ray Allen right now? Is it a good idea, or will Allen just end up making it more difficult for the Cavs to succeed later on this season?

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