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Is Kevin Durant Really Going To Consider Signing With The Knicks Next Year When He Becomes A Free Agent?

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The New York Knicks fan base doesn’t really have much to be excited about right now. Even though the Knicks knocked off the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, the team is still near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. They still aren’t putting a very entertaining product out on the floor night in and night out. And they still haven’t gotten the hang of the triangle offense. But at the moment, there is at least one thing for Knicks’ fans to be excited about, even if that thing is a longshot.

According to a source who spoke with the New York Daily News recently, Kevin Durant is going to consider signing with the Knicks next year when he becomes a free agent. The source cited KD’s friendship with Carmelo Anthony as one of the things that intrigues KD the most.

“No question about it,” the source said when asked if KD would think about possibly signing with the Knicks. “Kevin loves Carmelo. It could work in New York. But never rule out the Thunder.”

Would KD really sign with the Knicks, though? We seriously doubt it. We are willing to admit that, at the very least, he’d think long and hard about signing with the team. After all, New York is a huge market and KD could benefit greatly from playing there. So it’d be worth exploring once he becomes a free agent.

But the Thunder could pay him the most money, and the Washington Wizards are his hometown team, which leads us to believe that he’d play with the Wizards before he played with the Knicks. So at best, the Knicks would be the third team on his list, and that’s not something that should make many Knicks fans excited. And it’s not something that the Knicks themselves should start thinking about right now. Instead, they need to focus on the players they do have and the players that they can draft and acquire this summer to put themselves into a better position to show guys like KD that they’re building a contender in the Big Apple.

Do you think there’s any chance KD signs with the Knicks in 2016?

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