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Does Tom Brady Need To Win The Super Bowl Today In Order To Solidify Himself As The Best NFL Quarterback Ever?

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is definitely going to go down as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history when he retires one day. Through 15 seasons in the league, Brady has won three Super Bowls, been named Super Bowl MVP twice, been crowned NFL MVP twice, made 10 Pro Bowl appearances, led the league in touchdown passes three times, and…well, do we really need to keep going? Brady has transformed himself from NFL backup QB to NFL legend by bringing his A-game year in and year out and deserves to be mentioned as one of the best QBs that the league has ever seen. But is he the best?

It’s a question that doesn’t really have a right answer. You could make an argument for about 10 different quarterbacks and give them the “G.O.A.T.” status at this point, based on a number of different factors. It really all depends on what criteria you use to classify a quarterback as the “best.” But there’s one thing that’s holding Brady back right now: While he has won three Super Bowls, he’s also lost two Super Bowls in a row. And because of that, some people don’t think he deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as guys like Joe Montana. They think his 3-2 record in the Super Bowl is proof that he’s one notch below them.

So with that in mind, Super Bowl XLIX could potentially be huge for Brady. On the one hand, he’s going to win his fourth Super Bowl if the Patriots are able to knock off the Seattle Seahawks today and move into an elite class of quarterbacks. It could potentially make him deserving of the “G.O.A.T.” title. But if he loses, he’d suddenly be 3-3 in Super Bowls and have a lot of people questioning whether or not he deserves to be compared to Montana & Co. So today’s game is a big one for him.

If you ask us, Brady has already proven that he deserves to be in the “G.O.A.T.” discussion and that he very well could go down as the best ever. But even we would admit that today’s game is going to give him the perfect opportunity to silence his critics and prove his supporters right. So we can’t wait to see how he responds on the field and how he either adds or subtracts from his legacy over the course of just a few hours.

Where do you think Brady ranks amongst the all-time NFL greats?

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