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Why Is LeBron James Talking About Coming Off The Bench For The Cavaliers?

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LeBron James wants everyone on the Cleveland Cavaliers to buy into the team concept right now. So he’s talking about playing team-first basketball a lot. But he’s not just talking about it. He’s also proving that he’s willing to do anything for his team at the moment by proposing a preposterous idea. He just revealed that, if his head coach David Blatt wanted him to do it, LeBron would be willing to—gasp!—come off the bench for the Cavaliers. That’s right. The best basketball player in the world would be up for playing a reserve role on the team that he basically helped put together.

“Whatever benefits the team, I’m for,” he said on Wednesday. “And the rest of the guys are starting to understand that. I think we’re getting it. I think we understand that, at the end of the day, not one individual has ever won a championship. It’s all about a team. For me, being the leader of the team, it doesn’t matter, whatever this team needs in order for us to win. I’ll come off the bench. I’m serious. I’ll come off the bench and, if it helps our team, that’s what it’s about.”

So will Blatt take LeBron up on his offer? Will LeBron start coming off the bench? Would he really humble himself and do that?

We’re going to go with…no. It’s a nice thought on LeBron’s part. And if nothing else, it shows that he’s really serious about doing whatever it takes to win this season. His teammates can’t really complain about playing time or touches on the court when he’s out here talking about playing less and taking fewer shots. But at the same time, the Cavs need LeBron to play—and play a lot—in order to be successful. So the idea of him coming off the bench is laughable, and Blatt isn’t going to entertain it.

“No,” he said yesterday, after laughing. “He’s fine where he is.”

We couldn’t agree more. But his approach here is great and it could ultimately end up helping out his team, even if it doesn’t result in him coming off the bench.

Well played, LeBron. We like what you’re doing right now.

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