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Why Is Under Armour Throwing Shots At adidas?

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As recently as just a few years ago, no one would have dared to put Under Armour in the same sentence as adidas. adidas has a long, storied history within the sneaker industry, while Under Armour is still trying to find its way in the sneaker game and still getting its feet wet when it comes to creating sneakers that people actually want to buy. But today, thanks to the success of some of the basketball sneakers that Under Armour has created in recent years—and because of Under Armour’s bid to try and sign Kevin Durant to a massive sneaker deal in 2014—Under Armour is doing its best to play with the big boys when it comes to sneakers. They’re not afraid to try to challenge Nike (they proved that by going after KD) and they’re not afraid to call out adidas for their strategy when it comes to selling sneakers.

For proof of that, look no further than the comments that Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank just made regarding adidas. He hasn’t been impressed with the way that adidas has tried to do business recently—specifically, he hasn’t been impressed with adidas trying to win over sneakerheads by signing a bunch of celebrities to represent the brand—and he said so during an interview with Bloomberg Television recently.

“We’re not going to compete with our dumbest competitor,” he said. “[adidas] will chase the old—they will chase the old model. And we’ve got good competitors in our space, but we also see some things that are a bit irrational from the way we see. So chasing and bidding someone up is not the goal.”

Plank went on to say that, while Under Armour did technically chase and bid for KD, they did it to send a message to their competitors and not necessarily to sink all of their money into one athlete who may or may not have helped them sell a ton of sneakers.

What do you think about Under Armour calling adidas out? It might not have been a great idea a few years ago. But if nothing else, it shows that Under Armour as a whole isn’t afraid to talk the talk. Now it’ll be interesting to see if they can walk the walk and compete with the likes of adidas.

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