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Isn’t It Too Late For Alex Rodriguez To Be Offering Up Apologies To The Yankees?

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On Tuesday afternoon, Alex Rodriguez met with several New York Yankees officials to discuss his past, present, and future with the team. We know this because, after the meeting was over, the Yankees sent out a press release about it. It was a curious move. But in the press release, the team revealed that A-Rod had apologized to the entire Yankees organization during the meeting in an effort to try and make amends for all of the things that he’s done to hurt the team in the past. “Alex initiated the meeting and apologized to the organization for his actions over the past several years,” the press release said.

The Yankees didn’t indicate exactly what A-Rod apologized for. But it’s safe to assume that he said he was sorry for using performance-enhancing drugs in the past, lying about it, and even accusing others both inside and outside of the organization of trying to get him into trouble. Over the last five years or so, A-Rod has been a huge headache for the team. However, we have to ask: Isn’t it too late for apologies?

At this point, A-Rod’s legacy has been tarnished and, unfortunately, the Yankees have been hurt as a result of it. When they signed him to a massive 10-year, $275 million contract back in 2007, the Yankees thought that they were getting a guy who was going to lead them to multiple World Series titles and break the all-time home run record in pinstripes. But instead, what they received was a guy who was hampered by injuries and, worse, brought shame and disgrace to the organization by being accused of using PEDs. He eventually admitted the PED use after lying about it for years and brought even more shame and disgrace to the Yankees. And quite frankly, we’d be willing to bet that, if the Yankees could go back in time, they’d let A-Rod walk after the 2007 season in a heartbeat and find a new third baseman. One without all of the baggage that A-Rod brought along.

It’s nice that A-Rod thought to apologize to the Yankees. It’s certainly something that he should have done. But at the same time, an apology can’t erase all the harm that he’s done to the Yankees, and it also isn’t going to make people forgive him. The only thing he can do now is try to produce out on the field and make people forget what he’s done in the past. It won’t be easy. But A-Rod put himself into this position, and now he’s going to have to figure out a way to get out of it.

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