Caption This! Caption This!
January 4, 2010 – 2:49 pm | 20 Comments

Image: Kim Kardashian’s Blog

More Problems For Shaq More Problems For Shaq
January 4, 2010 – 2:29 pm | No Comment

In the midst of what may become a bitter divorce from his wife, Shaunie, and while still trying to define his role within the Cleveland Cavaliers – Shaquille O’Neal may have a new set of …

Guess Who This Doll Was Made After? Guess Who This Doll Was Made After?
January 4, 2010 – 12:24 pm | 2 Comments
Kanye West Is Back! Kanye West Is Back!
January 4, 2010 – 11:30 am | 4 Comments

Kanye West had quite an interesting year, back in old 2009.
He got himself a stunning new girlfriend, high fashion design cred, and experienced a much talked about drunken “episode” following a high intake of Henny…
Well …

Hot Or Not: Tiger Woods Shirtless On Vanity Fair Hot Or Not: Tiger Woods Shirtless On Vanity Fair
January 4, 2010 – 11:09 am | 5 Comments

A shirtless, somber-looking Tiger Woods is the cover star of Vanity Fair magazine’s February 2010 issue.
The feature is a “full portfolio” of “never-before-seen photos of a raw, unguarded Woods” taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Get The Look: Ludacris Get The Look: Ludacris
January 4, 2010 – 11:01 am | 4 Comments

Ludacris, one of our “10 Most Fashionable Men Of 2009“, was spotted out this weekend with a new boo.
He rocked earthy tones with a plaid shirt, raw dark denim and Nike kicks.

Introducing “Pastry Pop Stars” Introducing “Pastry Pop Stars”
January 4, 2010 – 10:23 am | 2 Comments

Pastry is now launching a new glittery collection for little girls called “Pastry Pop Stars”.
After the brand experienced success with its current girl’s collection, Pastry is putting “the accent on sparkle”, with everything from athletics …

PSA: Fashion Bootleggers Beware! PSA: Fashion Bootleggers Beware!
January 4, 2010 – 10:20 am | 3 Comments

You know that expression, “Fake it till You Make It”? Well I guess it’s cool and all when it comes to a little fibbing on a resume or if you’re in Vegas frontin’ like you’re Russell Simmons’ Financial Advisor. However, when it comes to the kicks on your feet or that bag on your shoulder or those jeans on that ass, PLEASE don’t invest in a knockoff. I would kinda like to leave it at that, but some of ya’ll just don’t learn so let’s go over some of the reasons why you should always cop real ‘ish…

The Freaknik Is Back… Sort Of The Freaknik Is Back… Sort Of
January 3, 2010 – 5:09 pm | 7 Comments

While it was said a while back that we would get a “T-Wayne” album from Auto-Tune aficionado T-Pain and rap superstar Lil’ Wayne, nothing of the sort has developed yet. However, the two have been …

Spoof of “Bedrock” Heats Up On YouTube Spoof of “Bedrock” Heats Up On YouTube
January 2, 2010 – 9:08 pm | 2 Comments

It hasn’t even been a month yet since the second music video from one of hip hop’s most visible record labels was released – and it’s already getting spoofed! Get your laugh on after the …

Skillz Annual Year End Rap Up! Skillz Annual Year End Rap Up!
January 2, 2010 – 8:35 pm | No Comment

Skillz delivers again with his ’09 Rap UP, an annual take on entertainment and current events. As the years progress and so do the crazy events the songs get better and better…Who gets called out? Beyonce? Taylor Swift? The Balloon Boy?

Guess The Celebrity Body Guess The Celebrity Body
January 2, 2010 – 6:29 pm | 3 Comments

Guess which female “celebrity” was vacationing in Miami recently? She’s well known in the hip-hop community for her “assets”.

Calling All College Students! Calling All College Students!
January 2, 2010 – 6:04 pm | 4 Comments is kicking off 2010 with an exclusive video channel (tentatively titled “Style School“) showcasing college fashion runway shows across the country.
Whether your school’s committee puts together small or large scale events, college fashion shows …

Would You Work For Tyra? Would You Work For Tyra?
January 2, 2010 – 3:56 am | 6 Comments

Now that her talk show is calling it quits, people sure have a lot to say about Tyra Banks. Most of it is not pretty by a long shot. Hear what sources are saying about …

DISCUSS: Gilbert Arenas Involved In Locker Room Standoff DISCUSS: Gilbert Arenas Involved In Locker Room Standoff
January 2, 2010 – 2:56 am | 15 Comments

NBA Superstar Gilbert Arenas, also known as Agent Zero, made out more like some sort of secret agent in the Washington Wizards’ locker room about a week ago. Find out what the world the NBA …

Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz: “On To The Next One” Music Video Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz: “On To The Next One” Music Video
January 1, 2010 – 3:05 am | 18 Comments

Jay-Z decided to kick 2010 off with a bang. While Mr. Knowles-Carter was somewhere popping bottles with the Misses, his first official music video of the year premiered high above Times Square in unforgettable all …

Happy New Year From! Happy New Year From!
January 1, 2010 – 2:49 am | 3 Comments

It’s that time to start fresh and make resolutions (hopefully ones we can keep!).
We would like to wish all of our readers the best in 2010.
What did you do for New Year’s Eve? And let’s …

A Look Ahead To 2010: News Edition A Look Ahead To 2010: News Edition
January 1, 2010 – 2:46 am | No Comment

Now that we’ve got music out of the way, I had to hit you with a few predictions of some events that may occur in 2010. I can just see these things coming, I tell …

A Look Ahead To 2010: Music Edition A Look Ahead To 2010: Music Edition
December 31, 2009 – 7:40 pm | 3 Comments

2010 is almost here, and I can’t wait! To help you bring in the new year right, I’ve put together a list of things to look (or listen) forward to in 2010. Check my predictions …

Silly Celebrity Quotes Of 2009 Silly Celebrity Quotes Of 2009
December 31, 2009 – 12:39 pm | 3 Comments

With a year full of drama, there was bound to be some ridiculous word exchanged. Check out just some of this year’s silly, crazy and often straight up stupid quotes:

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