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Spend A Day In The “A” With DJ Drama!

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Drama wears: Henrock tee by Rocksmith, Underdog Cargo Shorts by Rocksmith (coming soon), Straight Jackets sneakers by Radii and Tableturns Rocksmith Edition Watch by FluD Watches.

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  • I deserve the day I went hard the hole time the blog was up! woke up countless night late just to get the first post spot! Re tweeted to show every 1 not being self to get all the competition I need that make me go hard and make me won’t it even more this ant just a day spent with u and dr jays team this much bigger than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just ready to put on for my city and and family to be somthing in life other than a failure!!! I won’t take defeat!

  • What’s Up! my name is joe aka “maxamillion” im from CA I’m in college and my major is Biology DJ Drama I’m a huge fan! (BTW) the reason i should win is I’m easy to kick it with and I’m down to put in work any where we go!I never been in the industry but I’m willing to learn every thing that’s can be physically or mentally postcode upon me! that’s how i know how i would fit in fast because i would be there not only just to chill and enjoy the hype but also to be perfectionist to learn the craft so 1 day ill have so much under my belt like you do and know how to humble my self to the world!!!! like this would be a dream for me to meet a person that’s a big influence on my life!!!! I’ve been listening to your music since i started high school my favorite song u did was “Feds Takin Pictures” i mean that beat was so ill i bumped it like every time i was in the car i use to give my moms Head Aches lol plus i know how the cops be treating a young black men that got something going in there life’s!

    Like i been through so much in my life my dad not being here for me moms kicking me out my grand mother having breast cancer on my moms side and on my dad side his moms having blood pressure problems every 5 seconds!!! like when i listen to yo music i have hope because u talk about every subject from drugs to females lol!!! When i win this i would be humble as a old a** hound dog real talk!!! I’m a artist i rap do beats and ghost write any thing that keeps me outta trouble!!! Music is where my heart is!! I do almost every music genre.I put all my genius into my life I put only my talent into my works. that’s why I’m different from other people….. “DR JAYzS TEAM” I love all your cloths I have been on your site since 2008 year and I been there ever since! You guys are the true meaning of !“swagger”! if it was a picture and a web link attached to that definition in the Dictionary you’ll be it!! “Swagger on a hundred,thousand,trillion!” (Kanye west voice!) choose me!!! and ill show you all and the world you found the diamond in the ruff!

  • Da Merc says:

    I love music! It helps you. It can change the mood and atmosphere at anytime. To see Drama’s day to day would be… awesome. I have always had an ear for good music, and Drama shares that gift. Only it’s his career and life. Winning this, would give me a chance to see what it’s like and if I could do it. I’ve always thought I’d make a great A&R. Much respect to Drama and those who live music!

  • C. GIlbert says:

    DJ Drama I believe I should get the oppertunity to work with you because I have a lot of ambition and a lot of heart to do bigger and better and to expand. Break outside the box but still be me always. I believe I deserve an oppertunity to work with someone that I know can put down the ideas I have in my head and put them into the music i need to express it with. when I’m in a work enviorment I know how to get into focus mode and set all the non sense aside – I steadily practice my skills and I’m willing to learn,compermise,and lead if needed. I’m trying to make myself out to be somebody and I need someone to hear my voice. Real Talk. Why I feel I deserve it.

  • Aweb says:

    i aint finna say i deserve the day cuz i really dont care i jus wanna tell ya strait up. im tryna get da game back on real nigga shit and kill dis gay ass style niggas rockin now. im a real street nigga post everyday infront the corner store for 9 hours faithfully to get the lil bred i got. i aint tryna drop0 fo da fame i jus wanna put me and my niggas on along wit Duval county on. God gave a me one hella of a mind one hell of a volcabulary, and one hell of a flo. i dont lie jus tell it like it is. so in all honesty fuk da contest. jus let a nigga drop one mixtape, and put da realest city in Florida bac on da map. u can hit me up at 904-376-9260. dont be a hater u holla Duval all da time, so help a nigga from Duval out.

  • shawn king says:

    SEE u in a couple weeks no more need to be said. LMAO

  • wallace arnold says:

    I believe i deserve to win this contest because not only are you gonna be in atlanta considering i havent even been out of california but its also a chance to be in the studio and with a person i truly look up 2. i come from a city called POMONA,CA and chances like this arnt even heard of, on another note you gonna be eating at KNIGHTS CHICKEN AND WAFFLES.Im in the west coast with Roscoes chicken and waffles and i havent even been there. Last but not least Ill be chillen with you at a club V.I.P at that!!! This is sumthin i could only dream of….

  • oneblood says:

    whatd up drama ! this tha homie oneblood from the a. i should spend a day and check out the a with you so that i can see the savy grind that i soon to one day soon be achiving. ima upcomin underground dawg thats wanting to show all the record lables that i am star i am hard i am the new a in the making

  • Sherrod(Hostage) says:


    Aka Mr Thanksgiving aka Barrack 0-Drama,Its easy for anybody to get on this site and try to make you believe their words ya feel me!So I
    choose to keep it 100 wit ya, and speak the honest truth.I been being me since I was born,and dis homie knows himself better than anybody.So I need not talk about anybody or cry to you that I want a shot at this game.I wanna put in work and earn my spot jus like any other homie that has made it to the door and somebody answered and let them in.Getting the chance to chill and vibe wit ya for a day can show me the pros and cons of this industry ,as well as
    maybe letting you hear that there is fire artist left out there who are willing to grind and listen to what you have to say as far as guidance and direction.Knowledge is the key along with talent and work ethic to be successful at this game!I have the key to my city i jus need you to guide me to the lock,but when the shackles are released.All the advice from a successful mogul like yourself
    will allow me to continue to unlock doors in this game.

  • Sherrod(Hostage) says:

    The worlds axis rotates with a ryhthum,and on that note without a bass line an 808 and a mean 16 its lifeless.Jus my 2 cents ya feel me!! Drama Im ready to hang out wit ya and chop it up and jus be myself and learn from ya about life in general not jus glitter and glamour!Chop it up wit a 100 homie.

  • What’s up I ant for got im waiting yo!! Im ready to mc!!

  • When I open your RSS feed it gives me a ton of strange characters, is the issue on my end?

  • RUDEBOI says:

    Its like this drama I was Born in Atlantic City,Nj and at the age of 5 I moved to College Park and thats where I was raised and bread to eat,sleep, and go hard for music. I grew up in a whole different life style and im sure you know what I mean seeing that the A is your stomping ground. I Moved back to Jersey at 18 after
    I was close three times to not being a part of this world anymore.I know I was given a second and third chance. Since then I’ve been striving to be the best. 24/7 I find ways to involve music in my life I’ve learned the ins and outs to engineering,writing,and producing music. Im not just a fan I also understand what it means to grind and be shot down for something you believe in and can do at the drop of a hat. I can go into thousands of reasons why i should be picked but the only real one is I know this is a once in a lifetime chance and I wasnt gone do it at first but something said just try. I always said even if I dont make it I’ll be content with just living it for one day and thats how i humble myself.As a fellow ATL thoroughbread give ya boi a chance to accomplish one dream in life thats all I ask…GANGSTA GRILLZ For LIFE!!!

  • RUDEBOI says:

    first off let me state my name…its RUDEBOI,I been on top of my game..Im on fire,the heart of the flame, I blaze hot,DAZE MONEY the same…who dat,who dat,who dat, be right there he so rude,my swagga on top shawty im dat dude,i got my spot on lock my key i wont lose, ima make it to the top cuz da top what i choose, ima put my all in, last name spalding,i been on the court cuz da boi ballin, an yeah i been runnin since u infants started crawlin, yeah i been gunnin since u p**sies started brawlin, an u dont want it u b***hes dont wanna take it there, I hope yo tool aint in yo trunk cuz h** u wont make it there,my city on lock like da dreads in my hair an when i hit da top just remember i was there…RUDEBOI

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  • Brian Edwards says:

    I am music 25/8 and that’s all I have been all my life. I want to chill the day with Dj Drama because I want to ask him question about what he does so that I can get guidance on which way I want to go with my music career. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to pursue music I just need to see all of the opportunities that are out there. I have so many talents such as rapping, singing, and dancing but i dont want to be a rapper or singer because I was thinking of doing more of the background stuff. No, I’m not just trying to meet famous people or get a free vacation and have fun, I am really trying to make a life decision by winning. That was all real and that’s why I deserve to win.

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  • Phil says:

    Yo im a 19 y/o beatmaker from germany and i´ve been hugely inspired by dj drama and im very interested in learning from him and spending a day with him! ;)


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