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Win An iPad Or Clothing Prizes From ENYCE!


  • Sharon D says:

    He represents what America is all about. A person who has a dream, sets goals to achieve that dream, works hard to achieve that dream, provides a great role model for others, and gives back to society.

  • Betty S. says:

    Diddy: A truly successful man who came from N.Y and now is internationally known. He’s my definition of a business mogul. . . love him or hate him, you have to give him his respect. He produced and brought us names that are legendary in the industry and will live on for generations..

  • Ayyub Howard says:

    Diddy represents so much more then just music, clothing and etc; he represent black people, especially a black man. As a successful black man he has shown throw his life and hard work that dedication and love you can and you will become anything you want.
    He is a man that his action and word speck louder then anything else. Diddy shown you that you can be successful against any odd. any odds.

  • Maria says:

    What Diddy means to me
    Gifted and hardworking dont you agree
    So wealthy he paid 20 million to buy Enyce
    Even dedicated his perfume to Muhammad Ali
    Success runs through his veins
    Even though he has been through struggles and pains
    he is still the best clothing designer that remains

  • Kristina Lowery says:

    Sean Combs is the Black American dream. He’s the epitome of what young black men and women should look up to as an icon, role model, mogul and inspiration. His realness in dealing with life shows that because you are more than what you were doesnt mean u have to change as a person. Sean Combs is more than just a rapper, actor, singer and fashion mogul, he’s a black man handling business…..all by his own means.

  • Kimmie Williams says:

    Sean Combs, is definitely a man with a plan. He started from the bottom of a company, and strived to own it. He went on to start Bad Boys, Sean John, Cologne, took people of the streets with talent, and shared his success, although some didn’t want it.
    If that isn’t turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, then I don’t know what is. He is awesome. He is an example of the fact that real dreams do come true.
    The world is waiting to see what you are going to do next. When you can look out your window of your own business and see yourself posted on a billboard, then you know you have made it, and that’s success. Need I say more. Keep doing it, Puffy, Diddy, Sean John, Sean Combs, whatever you want to call yourself, I love you.

  • Valencia says:

    He represents EXCELLENCE. A man of integrity, dedication, heart of gold, mogul, friend, father, LEADER. A pure example of wat Dr.King fought for. Mr. Combs>>>I SALUTE YOU

  • peter says:

    Sean “Diddy” Combs represents “the American dream”.

  • KEEDA says:

    P.Diddy is a man that knows how to make it from the bottom and head straight to the top. He represents a man who has Knowledge, Dedication who’s a Father a Teacher a man that knows where he wanted to be in life on top and he just won’t stop. A key to life = P.Diddy / Successful Black Business Man with many Accomplishments. Diddy is his name.

  • Lyndavia J. says:

    Diddy: Anything is possible

    Of course Sean “Diddy” Combs is successful, he has been through the hard times and has succeeded. When I think about Diddy, I focus more of his determination and strive. How did this man accomplish so much? He makes me believe/see that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.
    Whenever you see Diddy name on anything or that he is involved in a project or campaign the results are pure perfection. This man has only produced the best and that is what we should focus on more than how much money he has. Diddy is a great communicator and he can promote. This man has did it all from music to fashion to movies to television etc but he has inspired us all to not only strive for the best things in life but to give nothing less than perfect. He encouraged me to Vote or Die. He is a successor, a mogul, a entrepreneur. Diddy is the result of hard work + dedication. Diddy can sell clothes to a nudist and religion to an atheist.
    When I truly think of Diddy, I think of a man with creditability, a man that is always looking for ways to better his self & corporation. The greatest trait a person can posses is the drive to be the greatest in whatever they are going after, doesn’t Diddy have this drive, this passion, this determination. Whenever you need encouragement or are in disbelief someone always end up telling you that “you can do anything you put you mind too” and Diddy has made this a true statement.

  • Tasha Warren says:

    To me Sean “Diddy” Combs means a great role model to my young boys. It shows them with hard work and determination you too can be successful. To have things in life you don’t have to go out in the streets and sell drugs. He also shows them that in life things may not go your way and you may fall, but that does not mean to give up. It should make you work harder towards your goal.

  • Diamond princess says:

    I want to keep this cute and to the point. Diddy has that swagger that makes his empire very marketable. I love the cologne / perfume for men & women. I keep my husband and boys so so fly in his apparel. Love the way you can transform a man from everyday urban style. To classy business or club attire. I like how your continued success inspires other men to want to be (legal) business professionals. I want to say “kudos” and much success in your future. FYI: I can’t find anymore apparel/ outerwear from your women collection what happened.
    Happy holidays… Smootches

  • Alvin Tyson( Jules) says:

    An opportunist. Just that. Biggie died..opportunity. LOX, Jadakiss, Styles P….opportunity. Sean John-Wheels,clothing,etc….opportunity. So there you have…an opportunist.

  • ERIC OSCAR says:

    DIDDY is a role moddle top me cos!!he’s been a whole of a great time rapper of his time and even at now i and my friends still listen to him!!!i wanna be like PDD,COS WHEN HE REDUCED HIS WAY OF PRODUCTION FROM THE PAST!!HE DIDN’T GO DOWN LIKE OTHERS DID!!HE STILL RAINS!!I RESPECT HIM!!!U TOO GAT TO!

  • Kinuanta says:

    Diddy represents the Black Men that are motivated to do more for himself and those alike. He is a Buisness Man…Who made some my favorite artist who they are. Sean Combs is the new american dream. he set standards for others then he passes them and not to kiss ass but Diddy that guy to be no Lie…

  • Brandy Tarver says:

    What Sean Diddy combs mean to me, a lot of people want to be big dogs and start off at the top. What they fail to realize its starting at the bottom to get you to the top, the bottom is a good place to start you learn, you grow, you learn how to endure hard trials, so when you get to the top you will always remember where you came from. Sean Diddy Combs came from the bottom and that’s why he is at the top because he learned that in order to get where he is today he had to start from somewhere he had to be proven and tried. Dont Despise small beginnings because it is the little things that keep us going, its the little screws that keep the door hanging, it is heart the little thing in our body that keeps the hold body functioning and Sean Diddy Combs had a a heart and a determination to get where he is today.

  • Cory says:

    He means hope! With all his achievements, gives us hope that we can achieve anything if you put the work in!

  • Nick M. says:

    What Diddy represents to me is someone who inspires people like me to work hard to get your goals done. He represents someone that dose not let anything stand in his way and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. The reason why I feel this way is because he is one of the reasons why I’m going to college for business and hope one day I can be as big as him in the business industry.

  • Tony B says:

    Diddy represnts opportunity when all you see ahead is despair.
    Just never surrender.

  • solomon flores says:

    he represents the strugle the climb from being no where to rising the top he was just a man with a dream and he made reality it damnsure wasn’t easy but he made it possibly and that’s what gives people like me hope tht maybe someday i can make it so to me sean combs represents HOPE

  • tyler pelley says:

    P diddy is the hardest workin man in the biz..he has came through so much adversity to get where is is at.he is an accomplished clothes designer,rapper,actor and entrepeneur.p diddy represents determination.

  • Dreamus Whitaker says:

    Sean “Puffy” Combs represents a winner. If you keep positive, and not let people knock you down when you have a dream set you can accomplish anything, never settle. And thus makes him a winner, kept his head up and embraced the haters with open arms. It’s them who build us up, enough said…

  • Daniel Paige says:

    Diddy means hope. He has shown that Black Americans can not only become successful through hard work and dedication,But that we can also run and own companies while providing opportunities and jobs so that others can succeed. He is a great man who strives for perfection.This should be a lesson learned ” You can never be perfect but as you strive for perfection you can achieve greatness”. Keep Doing your thing Diddy we appreciate you.

  • Arnaud says:

    Success !

  • jesus says:

    The best Producer of all time and best friend to my favorite rapper Christopher Wallace.

  • Javier says:

    he got more money then me.so give me 2 IPADS I’m broke he not

  • Shanicka says:

    One word – Individual! When all others get in clicks and play the norm, Diddy steps out and creates something brand new and isn’t afraid to do it. He doesn’t care what people say or think because if he feels it will be successful……..he’s doing it. While all the others laughed at his shiny suits and his different antics for making money, he laughed all the way to the bank while some of them aren’t even in the game anymore.

  • Vicente R. says:

    Sean is a force in the entertainment world that has been on the grind from the bottom and gone to the top. He is an inspiration to me and many people that I know. He is someone that I look up to. Diddy is what most of us want to be, a true legend.

  • akasha says:


  • Shannon Barlow says:

    To me Sean “DIDDY” Combs represents someone who didn’t take his horrible situation and create a worse one. He pulled himself out of the life he was in and now he is one of the most famous people in the world. He has done “A lot” of good. And although not everyone may agree with things he has done, everyone should remember that they have a past and how you learn from your mistakes is up to you and nobody should shove it in their faces. Especially the ones who have overcome so much like he has and has turned out as well as he has. Atleast he is doing what he can to give other people the same chance. “YOU GO MR. P-DIDDY”. You have a lot to be proud of.

  • hot carl says:

    diddy is the tits. ;) HE’S THE TITS I TELL YA!

  • Viktor K says:

    Enyce/Sean “Diddy” Combs/John represents to me the message ‘HIP HOP FOR LIFE’. And Hip Hop already contains ethical values like ‘fuck the racism’ and ‘we are one huge family’ – hip hop is not only all about the music. Hip Hop is the way we talk, the way we dress and act and Enyce Clothing makes this complete (especially the dress-point). Enyce represents all these points. I also just feel good when i got these clothes on lol.

    Shouts from Germany to Diddy, Sean John Clothing, Enyce and Bad Boy!

  • Diddy represents one key word: ICON

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